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When I first read this week's Ten on Tuesday email, announcing the topic, my reaction was. . . well, let's just say . . . less than enthusiastic.  Now, I'm not a Wedding-Scrooge or anything. . . but I haven't been to many weddings lately, and I just haven't been thinking about weddings. . . let alone what I love about them!

But I let the topic simmer for awhile.  I started thinking about my own wedding . . . 30 years ago!  It was a fairly low-key affair.  Small.  Church.  Cake-and-champagne at my parent's house afterward.  Things were simpler in 1981!  Not such big productions when it came to weddings back then.  Just the basics.

Eventually, I even got out my wedding photo album and took a little trip down Memory Lane.  I warmed up to the topic.   Here are Ten Things I Love About Weddings (inspired by my own):

1.  Music - We had this song at our wedding:


I'm sure it's not a common song at weddings these days, but back in 1981, it was de rigueur.  Last fall, Tom and I went to a wedding and there was a string quartet before the ceremony.  So lovely!

2.  Bridal Fashion - I love to see what the bride chooses to wear -- and how she dresses her wedding party.  My own wedding?  Oh-so-1981 and all coordinated and matchy-matchy!  (I made all the bridesmaids dresses.  Can you believe it?)


I love the newer trends where the bridesmaids don't all match. Several years ago, a bride I knew had all of her bridesmaids choose a navy blue dress they loved.  Any style.  Any length.  Everyone looked great; everyone had a dress that suited them.  It was perfect! 

3.  The groom's face - I'm such a sucker for romance, I just love to see the look on his face when the bride walks down the aisle. 

4.  Personal ceremonies - I love it when the bride and groom write their own vows or do something unique to make the ceremony their own.  Tom and I wrote our own vows.  At the time, it was still pretty "new" and "out there" to do that -- and we had to get permission from the minister.  (We really pushed the boundaries there, in our little matchy-matchy outfits!)

5.  Cake - I love wedding cake!

6.  Shattering expectations - I like to see a wedding with personality!  We had a Spiderman groom's cake at our reception (there's a story there. . . maybe someday. . . ).  My grandmother nearly died of embarrassment, but it was pretty cool!  I really do like to see couples doing something a little. . . unexpected.  Whether it's dancing down the aisle, having a "Man of Honor" (sometimes, the bride's best friend is actually a guy...), or having a "groomswomen" --- I like to see couples doing weddings THEIR way.


7.  Champagne - Wouldn't be a wedding without a little bubbly!  (And maybe a keg . . . out in the garage. . .)


8.  Clinking the glasses at the reception so the bride and groom have to kiss.  I never heard of this until we moved to Michigan, so I don't know if it's a regional thing or not -- but it's a fun way to play with your place setting at sit-down dinner receptions.

9.  Ritual and commitment.  When it comes to making a lifetime commitment to each other, I think the ritual of ceremony (however defined), witnessed by friends and family, is the perfect setting.

10.  Remembering.  Whenever I'm at a wedding, I think back to my own special day.  It always makes me smile!  (Especially when I look at the photos!)


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I love the photos from your wedding! mine, too (in 1983) was very much a matchy matchy affair :-) happy 30th!!


Love it! I've got similar fashion statements in my 1987 affair. Tom looks just like Brian there!


Beautiful!!! ours was in 1976.
Looking at 70's and 80's wedding pictures,I can't get over the fact that most of the brides and grooms,looked so much younger than the couples of today. I was 22 and he was 25 and we had 3 Best men , because we didn't want to disappoint the other 2 :)


Does running away to Vegas (at the ripe young age of 30) count as shattering expectations? You two look as happy together today as you did back then!


I love the thought you put into this post. We have many of the same things on our list but yours just sound better.

Debbie B.

Hey, I was there! I took similar shots of you! We ALL were so young then...



Seriously, you both look 14!!

We had a VERY low-key 1985 wedding at our home on the Oregon coast... and a pot-luck reception!

Also, I trashed my dress long before that was a cool thing to do... by actually throwing it in the trash! (Ugliest thing in the history of dresses.)


We had a low-key 1973 wedding. I loved our wedding but the ones I had the most fun at were our sons' weddings. Both very relaxed and family oriented weddings. Special times.
Love your list and the music!


I completely agree with your list - especially the look on the groom's face!


Oh how I love that song. Wonderful photos too. I agree, watching the grooms face (and the mother of the bride) are my favorite!


Tom looks about 12 in that last photo. You, on the other hand, look The Older Woman -- all of 17 ;-)

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