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Lunch Bunch

This month brings a new Project Spectrum color . . . TEAL.

Hmmm.  Teal.  I wear darker shades of teal from time to time.  I have some beautiful teal yarns in my stash.  But, unless you're in the Caribbean, you don't typically see teal in the landscape.  Especially not in the fall -- when everything is moving toward yellow, brown, red, or orange!

Right now, aqua (which is really a form of teal) is enjoying a "grooviness" factor -- at least in the home décor arena.  It's popping up in trendy kitchens - appliances, dishes, accent colors, etc.  But it isn't showing up in mine.

I may end up sitting out this Project Spectrum month.

But before I go on my Project Spectrum vacation, I have one recent sewing project to show you.  I actually finished it last month -- but I've saved it to post now.  Because there is teal in it!

Last month, I sewed a little lunch bag for Erin.


She hasn't had a lunch bag in a very long time, but she needs to use one now -- because she has late afternoon and evening classes this semester, and needs to take a dinner with her when she heads to campus.

I had recently picked up this book:


I'm kind of a sucker for cute bags -- and I had planned to make a lunch bag for myself.  Instead, I picked this one out for Erin.

It turned out to be much more . . . involved. . . than I had planned.


There are clever little details and handy pockets.  Like this one (for a water bottle).


And an inside pocket


that can hold a little ice pack.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out . . . but, let me assure you, there were times during the sewing process that I wanted to chuck the whole thing in the trash and run out to Target to BUY her a lunch bag!


This is not a sewing project for the faint of heart!  The instructions are complete . . . but not terribly detailed or helpful.  Very few diagrams or photos.  There are millions of rectangles -- all different sizes -- that need to be pieced Just Right.  While I was making the bag, I wondered if the authors/editors really expected anyone to SEW one of the bags from their directions -- or if it was mainly put together to be an "inspiration" kind of book.  Not terribly user-friendly!  (But the bags are adorable!)


The bag is insulated (with Insul-Bright; an insulated batting), so - especially combined with the ice pack pocket - it can keep a lunch nice and fresh.  Thing is  . . . you need to quilt the insulated batting to the outside fabric before you can even begin piecing all the millions of rectangles together!  And then -- you still need to do a lining.  And . . . don't get me started on the straps!  (They are easy -- but the placement is crucial.  And there is no photo or diagram, save the finished product photo.)


Anyway.  There it is!  I'm pleased.  Erin is pleased.  And . . . teal!


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A-dor-a-ble! But even though I've never heard your voice I can hear your frustration! Well worth it in the end. Visiting with my Michigan friend this evening...will have a sip with you in mind!


You are an intrepid woman to keep on working a difficult project make it right. Nice work! The bag is awesome.
I'm sitting on the side lines with you this month. There isn't much around here that's aqua or teal. My least favorite color would be teal, but I love aqua/turquoise. It's a fine line. ;-)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Target is great, but you could never get something that cool there. ; ) Very fine workmanship! (And can't it count for PS because Erin won't get it until October? Or is it only fiber oriented, not fabric?)


Yes, instructions that don't really instruct. I've been there. If you don't know the basics (or more) you will be lost. But...you obviously found your way. Useful and super cute! Lucky Erin!


Oh, awfully cute, but too bad about the not-so-great instructions. So frustrating. I'm still gearing up for sewing... found one of the cats snuggling up on top of my table full of cut pieces the other day. Heh. We're half-way through "teal" month and I haven't even finished off "yellow" yet. (Slow down, world!)


Wow!!!and again I love the color combination you made!!!


That's a cute little lunch bag, sounds like a lot of work, though, given the sketchy instructions. I'm not a big fan of teal, either. Back when I quilted a lot my friends used to force me to include teal in any scrap quilt I made just because they knew I wasn't a fan.


So super cute! You did such a good job on it! Thanks for the warning about that book. Life's too short for that kind of challenge.


The bag is wonderful! I've made less complicated bags than this, that left me realizing the prices I previously declared outlandish (for Vera Bradley bags, for instance) aren't, really, so bad after all. But there *is* something about making it yourself. What a terrific mom you are!


It really is a nice bag, but after reading your account I know there is no way I would make it.


That bag is gorgeous!!! All those (difficult) details which made it so special. Remind Erin never to leave it out of her sight!!


Thanks for the bag! I love it!

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