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Yeah.  That's right.  I joined SocktoberFest.

Hold on to your hat! 

(Or, maybe I should say. . . hold on to your socks!)

Since beginning this blog. . . I have never, ever, never shared with you one pair of socks.  Not one. 

Sweaters, mittens, hats, minions, shawls, bags, wash cloths, cowls, potholders, and scarves.  Sure.

But not one sock. 


That doesn't mean I haven't knit socks (because I have). 

It just means. . . I haven't knit any lately.

Anyway, I joined SocktoberFest.


Why?  I'm sure that's the burning question.

Because, really. . . I'm still not actually knitting . . . socks.

But.  I am knitting something kind of like socks.

But not really socks.

And I can't tell you any more. 

Because.  Well.  It's also Christmas knitting.

And most of the eventual recipients actually read my blog.

So it's all a big secret.  (For now, at least.)  But it does have to do with feet.  And I can, legitimately, be part of SocktoberFest.

But that's all I can say for now!



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Fun, fun, fun! Can't wait to see, though I can wait for Christmas! :-)


Not socks but related to you've got me wondering! :)


For the first time since it's beginning I didn't join Socktober! I feel so left out (by my own doing), but it just wasn't meant to be. Can't wait to see what you have under your hat!
PS.Spectator Bird is one of my favorite books!



Socks for Minions or mittens. I can't decide. ;^)


Hmmm. You're going to need to email me the details. I am always knitting socks but you already knew that.


Oh, you are making me felted slippers for Christmas, how sweet of you ;-)

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