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Friday Round Up: A Blast of Color

The last few days have been A Sign Of What's To Come:  grey skies, blustery winds, rain.  The leaves are past their prime.  The gardens have stopped their blooming.  The bleak months are on their way.

Time to add some color!

A couple of weeks ago, Margene showed us her new Keens.  Bright, colorful, happy feet! 

I have the same shoes. . . only mine are in a different color scheme.


It's such fun to look down at your feet and smile at the riot of pattern!

Personally, I'm a fool for navy and white ticking stripe.  That's what sold me on these shoes!


Even on a gloomy, dark day . . . you can get a blast of color from your feet.


In mid-September, Target launched its Missoni for Target line.  Cool Missoni stuff . . . at Target prices.  I didn't get there in time.  By the time I arrived (the day after The Launch), nothing was left.  So.  Imagine my surprise when I stopped by Target last week for some essentials. . .


and found this. . .


A full month after The Launch, there was a lonely rack of Missoni merchandise.  Not on clearance.  But there all the same!


I bought a blouse (that is surprisingly well-made, although the buttons are really cheap-looking and need to be replaced) and this cute little knit bag.


There is nothing like Missoni to bring in a blast of color!


And then, there is this. . .


a cute little baby set I finished up as a gift for a former co-worker who is having her first baby (a girl) next month.







A perfect blast of color for a gloomy day.  (Ravelry details here.)


Enjoy the weekend!  Add some color ... whatever you're doing.




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The shoes are great! And the blouse! And the sweater set is girly. :)
We've got a touch of warm weather for a couple days and then by next week they are mentioning the "S" word. o.0


Looking good Kym! Inspired to find some color and shoot some pictures. TGIF!


Wearing Keens makes you feel like a little kid inside. I JUST love wearing mine, as they make my feet dance.
Lucky you! I haven't been to Target to check out the Missoni as I was 100% sure there wouldn't be a drop left. You've given me hope.
Every day I'm on the look out for color. Color makes the heart happy!


Lovely Keens! and a wonderful blast of color!!! Exactly What I needed this dull and rainy day here in Ottawa.


I love those shoes - so cute! And the Missoni knit bag is adorable. Sweet little baby gift, too. We still have leaves and green grass here so I'm enjoying color but it won't last. Soon everything will be brown.


Want.Those.Keens. But neither Zappos nor ShoesOnline has them. The latter has them in different fabrics, but I am smitten with yours.

Okay, scratch that. I found them at Keens online. There is a pair exactly like yours on its way to me :-)


Cute shoes and what great finds at the Target! Super cute baby stuffs, too.


those keens bring a smile to my face, too! and I have to say, as much as I love missoni, I think your handknit baby set works better! here's to color!


love your shoes and all those other colorful things you made and found.

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