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The best part of Halloween (well. . . apart from the miniature-sized candy bars) is dressing up! 

Erin as dorothy

It's so fun to decide what you're going to be; to assemble the various pieces; to put it all on and . . . become . . . someone (or something) else!

2003 hula gal

My dressing-up days are long gone, but this week we're going to talk about the Best Costumes We've Ever Seen

Halloween 1992

Here goes.  The Ten Best Costumes I've Ever Seen.

1.   Christmas Tree Man.  When I was in college, I went to a Halloween party sponsored by a local bar.  The winner was Christmas Tree Man.  He had turned himself into an elaborate Christmas tree, complete with lights, ornaments, and a star on top.  His feet were in gift-wrapped boxes - like presents.  It was fabulous.  (It's been over 30 years and I still remember it vividly!)

2.  Wednesday and Pugsley.  These two showed up at my door one Halloween.  They were perfect.  And perfectly creepy!

3.  Thing One and Thing Two.  What a great costume for two friends (or siblings).  Simple and fun!

4.  Bubble Gum Machine.  Several years ago, a little girl showed up at our house in a red sweatsuit -- with a huge clear plastic bag filled with small, brightly colored balloons from hips to neck.  She was a gum ball machine!  It was so clever.


5.  The Grapes of Wrath.  Here is Erin -- at her college English department Halloween party.  They had to dress as a literary title.  She won their costume contest.  (I'm pretty sure it was the wrath. . .)

October 2007 091

6.  Braveheart.  This was one of my kids' friends.  I think he did a great job with his costume; definitely the best I saw that year!

2002 007

7.  The Spy.  This is Brian in 5th grade.  Probably the easiest costume ever.  (That's my trench coat.)  He was adorable, and he had a great time!

8.  Mr. Rogers.  Another really easy costume -- but oh-so-cute!

9.  Grim Reaper.  Nothing beats a good Grim Reaper!

10.  Red Riding Hood.  Another cute (and practical -- especially if it's a cold night) costume.  (Extra points if you have a friend willing to be The Wolf.)

I enjoyed helping my kids put together their costumes as they were growing up. . .

Pirate chick

but I can't really say that I miss it!


I'll just enjoy seeing what marches past my door this year instead!


Join in the fun!  Sign up for Ten on Tuesday here.



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I remember the Purim (our costume holiday) when I decided to dress like the blue man from the song about the green men (a Hebrew song) but forgot to take into consideration that it was the year of the smurfs,,, I remember saying over and over no no no, I am not another smurf,,,, hehehee


I love the Grapes of Wrath! SO clever :-) I always think that homemade costumes like that are the best.


Wonderful pictures! I've done a poor job of recording poor Dan's life. We did have a pretty good Pirate costume one year, but boy I have little memory of what else we've done! Though we did throw a few kid halloween parties that were memorable...pumkin rolling contests, tractor rides, awesome cookies!


Excellent ideas and photos!


Such wonderful photos!


I've never been big on Halloween -- even as a kid. "Hobo" was my default, go-to costume back then. There were a few years when I had fun with my kids, but mostly... a chore.


Your kids had great costumes! I made most of the boys'. Pirate, devil, superman, clown...Halloween has never been my favorite holiday though so I'm glad those days are done too. I'm happy just to hand out candy and see who arrives at our door. :)


I love all the cute photos! Especially the grapes of wrath. Too funny! Thanks for taking the time to scan all these!!


what great photos and memories!


We had so many great costumes as kids. My mom was very creative. I love your bubblegum man!!


I'm with you on the sentiment -- costumes were a lot of fun... and a lot of work. Happy to have the memories, glad it is all in the past. (Erin's Grapes of Wrath is Teh Awesome!)


No costume I wear ever again will ever beat the grapes. SO MUCH FUN!

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