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Last spring, after our trip to Paris - but before leaving Michigan, my sister went out to dinner with Brian.  He got her all excited about The Pull -- and she decided to come out to see him pull this fall.


I'm so glad she was here!

It was a quick trip for her -- just a long weekend, really.  But it meant an awfully lot to me -- and to Brian.  The Pull is a long and gruelling event; very emotional; a testament to grit, determination, and strength (with a touch of crazy).  Brian felt very supported -- with his Mom, his Dad, his Nanny and Poppy, AND his Aunt Di right there with him through the whole event.  (Of course, I'm sure he appreciated all those adorable college girls on the sidelines, too!)  I felt supported, too.  (The Pull is hard on Moms. . .)

Before The Pull on Saturday, Di and I went to Saugatuck (one of those charming Lake Michigan beach towns).  It was a gorgeous fall day.




We enjoyed a cup of tea together. . . that stretched into most of the morning.


(This particular bakery featured a Bloody Mary bar!  It was hard to resist, but we just stuck with our Earl Grey. . .)

Then we headed to Oval Beach.





Thanks for coming, Di.  Thanks for Being There.  (Always.)  You made it the best kind of day.


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Di sounds like an exceptional sister and aunt! What a blessing. :)
You have again taken beautiful pictures!


Spending time with your sister must have been icing on the cake. Your pictures of the beach are beautifully serene.


Oh how I miss Michigan in the the Winter? Not so much!
It was 86 here on Sunday but today is very "cold" - only 61. Loved the pictures of "The Lake."


Your photos are awesome and I especially love the beach ones. It's amazing how much it looks like the ocean!


What a great weekend! Boy, we've been having some spectacular weather -- almost makes up for July.
; )


Such beautiful photos!

Please tell me the Brian/Di photo was taken pre-Pull. ;^)


There is no better gift than a close-knit family like yours! Beautiful photos! Love the beach!!!

Diana Troldahl

Michigan is such a beautiful place to live, and this (or maybe spring) is my favorite season here.


What a beautiful place!

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