Out of the Fog
Day by Day

Shining Through


This week, Project Spectrum needs a little soundtrack.

(Oh, Cyndi.  Even though you can't belt out those high notes anymore, you're still a lot of fun!  Great haircut, too.)

When I first signed on for Project Spectrum, I set two goals for myself.

One: I wanted to let Project Spectrum inspire me to sit at my sewing machine again.  (For the most part, it has.  Although I lost steam during PINK. . . and totally let YELLOW slide by when it came to sewing.)


Two:  I wanted to do some "big" project using all the Project Spectrum colors; something that would last through the entire 7 months.


Initially, I wanted to do something with Granny Squares.  I have always been charmed by the Granny. . . and I thought it would be a fun way to play with all the colors of Project Spectrum.  But then I found this pattern -- and decided it might be fun to put round pegs in square holes.


Initially, I planned to crochet a square or two every month of Project Spectrum (after all, the pattern only calls for 9 squares), then stitch it together, slap on a colorful border, and be done with it by the end of the Project -- without making a real dent in my "regular" knitting.


But, after completing a few, I could see that 9 squares would make for a tiny afghan!  Baby-size.  And I wanted to curl up under this one . . . for a nap; when the snow flies.  So I had to up the stakes!  I decided to make 20 squares.

I've been a crocheting FOOL lately. . . and, while my crochet skills are definitely improving. . . I'm rather sick of this project!


I have finished 16 squares.  (Ravelry details, such as they are, here.)  Each different; each using the Project Spectrum colors in various shades; each crocheted from stash leftovers (except for the main color -- which I needed to purchase -- because you need a LOT of it).  I blocked out the 16 (because they are very. . . odd-shaped. . . before blocking; Tom thought I was making sombreros!), and I laid them out behind my couch in the living room.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to lay them out, color-wise.  I need to make 4 more squares, but I wanted to see what the finished afghan "needs" in terms of color before carrying on.

So I keep switching things around.  Contemplating.  Considering.  (Suggestions are most welcome.)


Now that the end is near, I'm finding these true colors . . . beautiful.

Like a rainbow!