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I used to buy knitting books.  This was in the days before (and even early) Ravelry.  Back when you needed to actually remember a pattern you saw . . . because there was no way to "favorite" or "queue" or (god help me) "pin" it. 

So I bought books . . . to hold on to patterns I liked.  I have a whole shelf of knitting books now.  But I haven't purchased one in years.

Until last Friday, that is!

Last Friday, I attended the monthly "knit night" at my local yarn store (which is called a "lock in" -- because they lock the door of the store. . . and then -- if you're in, you're In) and the store owner was passing this around:


Knit One Knit All.  It's the newest Elizabeth Zimmermann book . . . and it's beautiful.  All garter stitch.  All patterns NOT included in her other books.  Lovely.  (Except some of the hats.  Let's just say. . . some of them are not exactly Fashion Forward.)

There were four copies in the yarn store on Friday night.  They were passed around all evening.   There was almost a bidding war.  In the end, I came home with one. 

I couldn't resist.

There are hats.  And mittens.  And baby sweaters.  And vests.


But it was the sweaters that got me.  Like. . . this one. . .


and this one. . .


and this one. . .


and this one. . .


(See better photos on Ravelry . . . here.)

I had to buy the book. 

I don't want to Knit One.  I want to Knit All!




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I got this when it first landed in the UK. Its wonderful. I am a huge fan of EZ and currenly making a an adult Surprise jacket - as a indoor jacket to wear when working at home now the temperature is falling.

I have dozens of pattern books that I have looked through onces and not touched again - mostly bought online. These days I try to make it a rule that I only buy what I can leaf through first.

I really need to get round to sorting out how to sell on Ebay!


I bought the book the minute our shop had it in, too! It's so unique, forward thinking and fun, just fun! The star that turns into a baby booty is just, well creative! I love the same sweaters you do. The book is awesome.


Thanks for the intro to this book Kym! I actually just pre-bought the Coastal Knits book, it's been a while since I've purchased a book as well. Mostly because I wanted to be entered in the contest to win the yarn! :-)


Good luck with that all :)


Margene posted the same book today. I must buy it if both of you are recommending it!


Looks like a good book! I've added 3 knitting books recently, maybe this is another that I'll have to look into...
Happy knitting to you! :)


Me, too! I bought it from Schoolhouse the minute it was released. I'm a sucker for books, though, so it is not the only one I've purchased in recent years... months... weeks. Heh.


Which one are you knitting first? ;^)


Oh, oh, oh, I know one thing that will be on my Christmas list, now.


I fell fell fell for the grey one with the white zig zag pattern. Love all things EZ : )


I'm always amazed at how timeless (most of!) her designs are. Goes to show that classic lines and techniques don't go out of style. Knit on!

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