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I finished my little yellow sweater over the holiday weekend.  And I finished my Cladonia shawl the weekend before that.  I have . . . nothing on my needles right now.  You know what that means?  Carole's Ten on Tuesday topic is Very Timely for me!

Yes.  This week, Carole has us thinking about the Ten Things We'd Like to Knit this Fall/Winter.

I am FULL of ideas!

First, I need to keep plugging away on projects I've already committed to.  Like. . .


1 -- My Mitered-Crosses Blanket.  This one has been on hiatus for a few months.  It's time to bring it back out and begin again.


2 -- Clepsydra mitten #2.  Mitten #1 is complete.  I finished it just in time for the spring thaw!  I really lost my mitten mojo after that . . . but this weekend's chill is bringing it back.

Next, I have some deadline knitting coming up.  A former co-worker is having her first baby in November. . . and I'm planning on knitting a little gift.


3 -- I'll make my Go-To baby gift -- the Wee-One Welcome Set.  (The photo shows a past gift -- for a different baby. . . who is now a busy 3-year old!)

Then, I can feel the sweater-knitting bug getting ready to bite!  I have some Shelter burning a hole in my stash.  I just can't decide which sweater to cast on!

JJF-0189_copy_medium2©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

4 -- Levenwick?

JJF-1327_medium2©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

5 -- Perry?

JJF-0678_copy_medium2©Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

6 -- Sullivan?

(Actually. . . I want to knit all three. . .)

Of course, there are always accessories to consider.

5988248721_e809fc6e2b_z© chicknits

7 -- The newly-released Mondo Cable Hood, for example.

Or. . .

Dots_and_stripes_purse_046.1_medium2© Nona

8 -- It would be great fun to play with color a little -- and make this Dots and Stripes Purse (which would be perfect for my iPad, don't you think?).

And then. . . Erin chose some yarn for a shawl (no lace!) when she was visiting (and I dragged her to the Michigan Fiber Festival), so I do need to think about starting this one.

5083913691_b169f4c8f8_z© WestKnits

9 -- Blue Whale (in Rainbow Fish colors!)

And, of course, there's one thing that's just hanging there in my knitting queue. . . just kind of haunting me.  I'm dying to knit this one.

Elizabeth_main_medium© Classic Elite Yarns

10 -- Elizabeth

I have plenty of ideas; there is never a shortage of want-to-knits in my life!  How about YOU?  What would you like to knit this fall/winter?





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Peppermint Mocha Mama

I couldn't decide between all three of those sweaters either - too cute. And the dots and stripes bag is precious... now I must go increase my own Ravelry queue!


You finish things with a flurry and I'm doing the same thing. A couple of things in your queue have made there way into mine. There are too many god choices and it's hard to pick one or two!


Blue Whale is at the top of my queue too. But must finish my Vortex shawl for Rhinebeck first!


Now I think I need to add all three of those sweaters to my queue!


Great things to choose from! You could start many things and see what rises to the top of the stack! ;)
It's already been decided for me what to knit next...a great niece is having a baby in December and so a sweater and hat are in order...


Terrific list! The best thing about fall is feeling energized about knitting again!


I love #5 and #6. who can go wrong with jared flood! love the list.


love thinking about this as your "current queue". I want to start documenting mine...just so I can keep track of how it changes! and realize I forgot about those shelter designs - those 3 you listed are my 3 faves too. let's get knitting!!

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