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A Little Gloomish

How Do YOU Know. . .

that it's fall?

The calendar doesn't say "fall" until September 23, 2011 . . . but it sure feels like fall to me already. 

So.  How do YOU know that the season has changed?  Is it the rumbling of the school bus?  The chill in the air? A sudden hankering for wool?  Heartier food at your table?  Touchdowns?

For me, it's the clouds.


Fall brings crisp-er clouds in a blue-er sky.  Not as much humidity; not as much haze.

And the light.


Or, more specifically, the lack of light.  The days are certainly getting shorter.

And the birds.


The robins are gone.  The goldfinches are dull.  The blue jays are back.

And the blooms.


While much of my garden is ragged-beyond-belief, it's time now for the sedum to shine!  (Mums and pansies, too.)

And then. . . there's this.


Not many.  Yet.  But a sure sign of what's to come.

How do YOU know. . .




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Oh, I know. And I'll write a blog post about how I know next week. Thanks for the inspiration!


The dark, the pitch black dark at 5:00am when I walk. Not a hint of dawn lights the sky.


There are birds gathering on the power lines getting ready for their trip south. And I've seen more than a few leaves already on the ground!


I'll let you know in November when fall arrives. :p

/runs away


Dark morning runs and an especially chilly bedroom at night!


My miniature apple tree has the occasional yellow leaf...just picked and processed 15 kilos of damsons...Horse Chestnut trees are well rusty...blackberries...Michaelmas Daisies


Snow-dusted mountains. :o)

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