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Out in the Garden

A Little Gloomish

The weather has taken a distinct turn for the gloomish.  It is too dark to take photos of my new yellow sweater.  It is too wet to take pictures of roses (which are blooming like crazy).  It is too cold to go looking for yellow.

This week, my Project Spectrum post can still feature yellow.  Just . . .yellow you can eat!


(My favorite.)

Enjoy the weekend.



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I love the pineapple one, too, but I don't buy it because it's low fat, not non fat. I guess that's kind of silly given the other things I eat readily!


I can't quite remember my camera so I can grab some yellow shots. I know just the one I want. TGIF! Maybe this weekend!


I hope our warm sunny weather heads your way for the weekend! It's been gorgeous here.
Happy Weekend!


Works for me!

Diana Troldahl

I'm loving Greek yogurt, too!
Most of the flavored type include citric acid which I cannot have, but I buy the plain and add a spoonful of honey for yumminess :-}


Oh me too! But I do peach. Each morning. Happy weekend to you as well!

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