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Unfinished Business

Like. . . we're talking WAY unfinished.

Here it is, the end of August; the end of PINK in Project Spectrum. . . and what've I got to show for it?

Zip.  Nada.  Nil.  Zilch.  Nothin'.

But a pile of unfinished business!


Erin took one look at this shawl over the weekend and said, "Ummmmm.  Mom.  Wicked?"  That does it.  The green is going.  (Besides, it had to be ripped anyway.  I read the wrong side rows of the lace chart backward.  Duh.)


This is a possibly-adorable summer dress in tie-dye, heavy on the pink-ish (but hard to tell in my sewing room light), started on an early August afternoon and . . . still just sitting there.


And this was yet another rather ambitious August project.  (It's to be a garden bucket cover -- bottom right on the pattern.)  That's it's current status.  Pile. of. Fabric.

So, August is flying by -- without much PINK to show for it. 

What's a gal to do?  Why, take off for points Up North.  Leaving that unfinished business behind!  (Although I will take the Wicked shawl and try to . . . do something with it.)

Happy weekend!



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I'm all for leaving your troubles behind. The problem is coming back and facing them later. (You could just donate them and not have to deal with them again, ever. Have a fun weekend!


Have a great, great weekend! We're battening (word???)down the hatches in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. Love me some crazy weather!


I must hunt for #M4322. Thanks for showing!
Happy weekend to you too!


Maybe Erin would like the shawl for herself if the lace was gone and the stockinette stripeyness was just longer...or maybe she's not a "pink" person...
I have fabric enough for 3 old fashioned aprons...I'm gonna call it my new stash cuz I'm not getting around to sewing them either! :D
Have a great weekend!


Have a beautiful weekend ....the unfinished business will always be there waiting for you...ENJOY THE NICE WEATHER.


Yeah, my August has turned out like that, too, but I keep plodding away... a little bit here and there, moving forward! There'll be a little pink in my weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend -- the weather looks like it's going to be wonderful!!

Diana Troldahl

I FINALLY finished the Kaleidoscope shawl, but otherwise, I get ya. I have 100+ books I can review if my brain sticks around long enough!



Have a wonderful time!


Lori on Little Traverse Bay

The bucket cover will be great---way cute!


What's wrong with Wicked? hahahahahaha.

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