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Officially finishing off July = Blue with a little Simon & Garfunkel.  Hit it, boys!


Erin has always loved owls.  Always.  Like. . . from babyhood.  One of her favorite books as a very little girl was a simple, heavy-pressboard book called Animal Sounds.   She loved to make the sounds of each animal in the book.  As we read, and got nearer to the end of the book, she would get increasingly excited.  You could feel her little body get jumpier; her hands would twirl with excitement . . . because the last of the animal sounds was the "whooooo-whoooooo-whoooooooooo" of the owls!  (Or "wowls," as Erin called them.)  She loved it!

When she was 15 months old (or so), in the fall as we put our vegetable garden to "bed" for the winter, Erin discovered our inflatable "scarecrow" owl.  It was pretty frightening; it looked just like this:


No matter, though.  She loved it!  She gave it rides in her baby stroller, dragged it everywhere, and treated it as gently as any 15-month-old can.

But, back then, owls weren't . . . groovy.  You couldn't find owl toys in the stores (although my mom did manage to find one stuffed version that Erin adored); there were no patterns for adorable owl bags or pillows or toys; you'd never see owl fabrics or clothing with owl designs.

But now?  Well, let's just say Erin was an "early-adopter!"  Now, there are owl patterns EVERYwhere!  Owls are definitely . . . feelin' groovy. . . these days!  You can decorate your house with owls, wear owls, carry owl lunch bags. 

And moms can finally find adorable owl fabric to make an apron for her owl-loving daughter.


This pattern is from Sew Liberated - the Emmeline Apron.  Very cool design.  Very fun to sew.  And. . . completely reversible!


So it's two aprons in one!

The owl fabric really is groovy . . . with little peace signs and everything!


Happy little owls.


In blue.


I hope Erin will be . . . feelin' groovy . . . in her new WOWL apron!



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That apron is so awesome! The mascot at Hannah's university is an owl so I've started buying her owl things the last year or so and you are right - there's tons of owl stuff right now. Very trendy but of course Erin was way ahead of the curve!


Reversible! What a great idea! You out did yourself with the details. May the apron bring Erin hours of joy!


Groovy! Love all the extra little details you added....
Maybe this will be the inpspiration that I need to do the aprons I'm planning... :)


You are an awesome Mom! Beautiful work as usual Kym. Love it.


Kym your apron turned out great!! Happy to see the Wowl tradition lives on. We have so many memories of our Erin and her Wowls.


That's adorable!! I love that it's reversible!


Love the apron -- I've made an Emmeline for a gift -- maybe I need to put it in the hopper for myself sometimes. Growing up, my best friend's mom had a bathroom decorated with owls. Very cool. Now, it'd be groovy again.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Very cute! I love the reversible feature.


Oh my gosh, I love it! I will wear it even when I am only making grilled cheese! You are the best! Can't wait to get it in the mail!

In retrospect though, that Owl Scarecrow thing is absolutely terrifying. I was a strange, strange child. :D


So cool!

She really was ahead of her time, your girl.


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