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Today, we need a little background music.  Sing it, Etta!


This week, Carole has us thinking . . . stormy weather. . . and how to prepare for it.  Here in Michigan, we were untouched by Hurricane Irene over the weekend.  In fact, we have been in what might be the most lovely stretch of weather in just ages.  But.  We do get some nasty storms.  Thunderstorms in the summer; snowstorms in the winter.  With a little ice. . . a few tornadoes. . .and lake effect snows thrown in to keep things interesting.


It's best to be prepared!  So, when we hear about a Big Storm headed our way, here's what we do. . . with Ten Ways to Prepare for a Big Storm:

  1. Locate flashlights; test batteries; stash them in several easy-to-find places throughout the house.
  2. Gather candles and lighter/matches and have them ready, just in case.
  3. Do a quick yard check -- put down the patio umbrella; remove furniture cushions; cover any vulnerable plants.
  4. Top off the gas tanks in the cars.
  5. Check the snowblower:  Does it have gas?  Will it start?
  6. Make a quick stop at the store for staples:  milk; coffee; drinking water; dog food; beer; wine.
  7. Charge up cell phones, laptops, and iPods.
  8. Make sure there is no wet laundry in the washer.  (This happened to me once.  We lost power for a week.  I forgot about the laundry.  It wasn't pretty!)
  9. Gather everyone at home.  (Or, at least, know where they are!)
  10. And then . . . go on with your life. . . because the warnings are usually much more dire than the storms themselves!

How do YOU prepare for a Big Storm?




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Excellent list. I'm an especially big fan of gathering everyone at home - it leaves us with far less to worry about!


great list! glad we don't have to worry about snow so much here...and your 9 and 10 are good reminders!


Great list! And I totally agree with you on #10.

I usually try to encourage our seed plant workers to go home early so they aren't stuck on the road somewhere during a snowstorm.


Great tips!
Good idea to designate a meeting place outside your house too.


Ewww. I bet that laundry was bad. I agree with charging all the stuff, iphone, cell, etc. I even use my ipod as a flashlight.


It is always more fun to have a gang at home when riding out a storm! Better for game playing!!


We need to get a storm kit together!


Great list and I love the snowy picture! I live in the middle of Texas. It only snows here every 20 years (that happened this year) and it doesn't rain anymore. We have had severe draught conditions for several years now. Just once I would like to have to prepare for a snowstorm.

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