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Time for a Pin-tervention?

When I was cleaning out my sewing room last week, I found this:


It is my "old school" Inspiration Journal.  (Actually, it's about #5 in a series of Inspiration Journals; this is just the one in progress.)

Way before Pinterest was a gleam in someone's eye, I was creating "boards" of my own.  In "old school" fashion, I collected (with my trusty scissors) images or quotes that particularly appealed to me.   And then, every so often, I would tape all the images in a journal.  For future reference.  For visual stimulation.  For inspiration.


I have been doing this for years.  Informal scrapbooking.  Collecting images I like.  Inspiring myself -- with a little of everything.  I called these journals my "style books."

Quotes.  Colors.


Interior design.  Outfits.  Jewelry.  Bags.  (Always bags.)


Project ideas.


Birds and the like.

The biggest problem with this "old school" journaling process was time.  I used to spend an afternoon now and again clipping from my pile of catalogs and magazines.  And then, I had to find another big swath of time to adhere the images into my journal.

As you can see. . . clippings piled up.


And up.  Always, more inspiration than time to deal with it!


You can imagine my delight, then, when I discovered Pinterest.

Now, I can collect my favorite images and quotes and ideas digitally -- with the simple click of a "Pin It" button.

Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 9.29.22 PM

I can create "boards" and edit and arrange to my heart's content.  It's so easy.  No mess.  No need for big swaths of time to clip and save and tape in.

Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 9.23.38 PM

I love Pinterest.  I love it so much. . . that it's only a matter of time before I need a "Pin-tervention."

How about you?  Have you discovered Pinterest yet?


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I've been trying to stay away - not another time taker! You may have pushed me over the edge! ;-)


I do the same thing!I collect images,quotes,and photos for my art. I saw the Pinterest in two blogs recently and now in yours. Very good idea!
but what about the ritual of cutting with the scissors, aren't we going to miss that? :)


I've seen you on Pinterest and you are quite the collector of ideas. So many of your inspirations are inspirations to me, too. It's fun to watch you pin, pin, pin!


I've never heard of this before...interesting website! I'm not looking...hands over my eyes...don't have time for more web cruising!


I love Pinterest, but tend to go in streaks with it. A couple of my daughters use it -- and LOVE it -- and it's fun to share ideas that way.


I enjoy Pinterest but I don't get to spend much time there.


You have been busy! :D

I checked it out but didn't like the copyright theft side of things. Same thing with tumblr and the rest. Instead I have my etsy favorites and a blog for gathering things that I love and inspire me.


That looks like a great website! It seems you need an invite though...

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