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Spectrum Baby


I knit a baby sweater last weekend . . .  a Project Spectrum baby sweater!


Red, yellow, and two shades of blue.  (The actual sweater looks more blue-ish; the photos make it look like the red predominates.  But it doesn't in "real life.")

I love the buttons!


I had planned all along to do buttons in primary colors -- but I didn't have the right shades in the right sizes in my button box.  I went off to the fabric store, just hoping I could find three shapes/sizes in colors I liked.  Imagine my surprise when I found these three buttons (plus a green one) sold all on one card!  Perfect!

It's such fun to knit baby things.


They're tiny, sweet -- and really quick!  They make great gifts, too. 


Ravelry link here.

Enjoy the weekend -- and stay cool!