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Early in the summer, I noticed that my LYS had a 2-session workshop with Nora Bellows (of Noni Bags) coming up in July.  My knitting antennae went right up.  I've always admired Noni bags -- not really as bags. . . but as works-of-art.

I mean, most of Noni's bags (especially the early designs) were not really suited to my personal style -- too many flowers and flourishes, etc.  But.  I totally appreciated the art in those bags.  I loved the attention to finishing detail -- and how it all came together for a great-looking finished product (even though I would probably never use one myself).

So.  I signed up.  The particular workshop I signed up for was all about finishing -- how to shape that felted monstrosity into the desired configuration; how to attach handles and clasps; how to use stabilizer; how to insert a hex frame. 

The class prerequisite?  We needed to knit a Noni bag (any pattern) ahead of the workshop, and bring our still damp - but felted - bag to class for the finishing.

I decided to knit. . . the Bedouin bag.   3_bags_cropped_for_business_card_square

I stopped by the store to finalize my registration and purchase my pattern.  What do you know. . . there was a Noni trunk show going on that very day.  I checked out the bags, and totally fell in love with the Bettie BoopBettie_boop_dress_sized_square  Even though it was pink.  And had an abundance of knit flowers.  And sparkles.


I rationalized my switch from the Bedouin bag (simple) to the Bettie Boop (futsy) because. . . I wanted to get my "money's worth" out of the workshop (more finishing = more value).

But really. . . I was . . . Helpless.


The Bettie Boop is a charming little bag.  Charming.


I had fun making it.  And I think it turned out pretty well, too!  (I used far fewer flowers - and no sparkle; although I did use a couple of cute buttons.)








Ravelry link here.

(Noni ran a great workshop.  I learned a lot -- about felting, stitching, hardware, and - yes - even flowers!)



And. . . in the HOT department. . . here's how hot it is . . .

First, this is what happens when I take my camera (or my glasses) outside:


Intense condensation.  Can you say . . . sauna????

Second, this is the way my patio looks . . . 7 hours AFTER I watered my plants:


It is so humid that evaporation is not happening!!!  My patio is still wet - even in upper-90 temperatures - because it's just too humid to dry off!

With that . . . stay cool!




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The severe heat is arriving here today. What I wouldn't do for a seat at the beach! The bag is so adorable! And I mean that in a cool hip way...:-)


How darling! I love the bag, your color choices and the size! Nicely done.
We are having a perfectly beautiful summer. I'm so sorry yours is such a sauna!

Diana Troldahl

I had a Texas native disbelieve me when I told him humidity in Michigan summer often hit 90% and sometimes higher. This was a July in San Antonio, and the 100% temps were like falling off a log compared to 90 degrees in Michigan. Today the Heat Index is slated to hit 110. I am staying inside and reading. My kindle doesn't produce much heat and has almost 1000 books on it (bought used, books included, with someone sharing my taste.) Doesn't get much better! I do miss knitting, though.


Ooohhh! I LOVE the bag! Now I'm coveting!
We had a strong wind yesterday that blew the humidity out of here and right over to MN or WI or maybe even MI...sorry about that!


You and the bag are both absolutely adorable!


Oh, how cute!! I love your interpretation - color choices and embellishment is perfect.

We're finally feeling some relief in the humidity department, even though the temp is still quite high, and the puddles have evaporated!



That weather, however, is just nasty.


You are very talented!!! beautiful work and color, flowers and all :)

Extremely hot and humid in Ottawa too,impossible to be outside for very long today.


Oh the bag is WONDERFUL! It looks adorable with your black & white outfit. Just enough of , well, everything. Congratulations!

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