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Good Vibrations

I don't know about you . . . but here in my little corner of the world, it's hot.  Like. . . really hot.  (So hot, in fact, that the tv weather folks are delighted to near-delirium, calling it The Heat Wave of 2011 and such.)

Anyway.  It's hot.  It's a great time to be thinking about the beach . . . and the songs we love to listen to at the beach.

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This week, Carole has us thinking about our Ten Favorite Beach Songs.  I decided to call on my favorite tanning companion from my youth -- my sister -- for help.  Here's what we used to listen to, as we lay on our cement patio in our Cheyenne, Wyoming backyard (about as far away as any beach as you can get. . . ), working on our tans and doing some . . .

1.  California Dreamin' - The Mamas & The Papas


What, exactly qualifies a regular old "song" as a "beach song?"  I don't know if there's an actual definition of a "beach song," but, for me, the song needs to be somewhat light and breezy.  Anything by the Beach Boys will do -- or . . . Bruce . . . or even Bananarama, for that matter!

2.  Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

3.  Sherry Darling - Bruce Springsteen


4.  Cruel Summer - Bananarama

It needs to be . . . well, kind of lazy and luxurious.  It needs to smell like . . . tanning oil!

5.  Hot Fun in the Summertime - Sly & the Family Stone

6.  Boys of Summer - Don Henley

7.  Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

But more than anything, a good beach song needs to invoke. . . summer.  The beach.  The sun.  The sounds.  The attitude.

8.  Changes in Latitude - Jimmy Buffett

9.  Stir it Up - Bob Marley

And sometimes. . . well, sometimes a good "beach song" has nothing to do with any of this.  Sometimes a song will remind you of summer just because. . . one summer . . . you heard it 5,000 times.  And it will forever bring back that summer feeling!

10.  Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

What's YOUR favorite beach song?  (And. . . hey, would you turn up the music and pass the Bain de Soleil?)



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So many great songs from the "good old days"! I'm flooded with memories.


Elton JOhn - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart - sang with Nancy Norton. Alternating the Kiki Dee side because that's what 16 year old friends do! Great list Kym!


Remember those old Bain de Soleil commercials? For the St. Tropez tan? LOL


Excellent list!
During the summer that I was 17 I seem to remember that Rubber Ducky from Sesame Street was on the radio...A LOT! Definitely not a beach song but it brings back some sweet memories...there was this guy that called me...oh! Never mind!


I feel cheated and mislead by the title of this post. :p


Ah, the smell of suntan lotion!


Great songs...

I think a lot of yours could have been on my list...


Great list! I would add Summer in the City by the Lovin' Spoonful. Yes, I am dating myself ;-)

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