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Garden Blues

Blue. . . is not an easy color in the garden.  There aren't very many truly BLUE flowers -- and especially not in the hot parts of the gardening season.

In the spring, I have a beautiful blue in my garden.


This is my 'Jack Frost' brunnera.  It has true-blue blooms for a few weeks in the early spring -- and it is magnificent!

Now, though, this is the closest-to-blue I have blooming.


It's trailing lobelia in one of my patio containers.  And it's really not true-blue; more like a purple-y blue.

My garden is lacking in blue! 

While on my recent garden tours, though, I was drawn to blue in other people's gardens.  Not usually through blooms -- but through accents and pops of color.

My friend, Sandie, has a fabulous periwinkle blue wall across the back of her garden. 


(Sandie is a ceramicist; she made the fountain and the tiles.  Gorgeous, non?)

I found this blue-lined birdbath on one of last month's garden tours.  It looks like a swimming pool for birds!  (And that clematis bloom floating . . . isn't that perfect?)


At one of the nurseries we visited, I found this row of wheelbarrows.  I'm always kind of a sucker for wheelbarrows anyway, but this row of blue ones really caught my attention.


Sometimes, just little blue accents are the perfect touch in a garden.




Do you have any garden blues?

Enjoy your weekend . . . hope you find plenty of blue skies!




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Blue is so eye catching in a garden of green foliage. Our skies should be blue all weekend, for what might be the first time all summer!
Blue skies to you, Kym!


I have blue hydrangeas. Mine is small but there are huge ones all around the area, especially on Cape Cod.


Yep, nope, not a lot of blue right now in my garden, either. I'm going on a Garden Walk tomorrow, though, and thank you for the reminder to bring my camera. I do believe I'll be seeing some blue.
; )


I'm always looking for blue flowers for the gardens. I love em!
Right now I've got belladonna delphiniums and flax. They are the most true blue colors. I also have veronica, a columbine and a campanula but they aren't a true blue.
And of course there is a blue bird bath out there too!
Have a good weekend!


Not only we have SO much in common, we both talked about "garden blue" approximately the same time!

I'm beginning to suspect that you are my twin sister from another mother!

Have a great weekend!



Does a blue paint bucket full of water with a hanging basket on top count? Yeah, I didn't think so, but it will be worth it if I can save the geranium in it.


Fun fact to know and tell: Did you know that the reason there are so few blue flowers is that that color was the last (latest) to evolve? Flowers were originally green, then mutated (in order) to yellow, white, orange, red, purple, and finally blue.

Two true blue flowers for mid-summer: some of the trailing lobelias are actually blue; and bachelor buttons. Annual are the answer! And there is an herb, also an annual I think, that starts with B and whose name escapes me at the moment that is true blue. I think the stems and possibly the leaves are somewhat hairy. (I know you will know the name of it immediately.)

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