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Garden Blues

Blue. . . is not an easy color in the garden.  There aren't very many truly BLUE flowers -- and especially not in the hot parts of the gardening season.

In the spring, I have a beautiful blue in my garden.


This is my 'Jack Frost' brunnera.  It has true-blue blooms for a few weeks in the early spring -- and it is magnificent!

Now, though, this is the closest-to-blue I have blooming.


It's trailing lobelia in one of my patio containers.  And it's really not true-blue; more like a purple-y blue.

My garden is lacking in blue! 

While on my recent garden tours, though, I was drawn to blue in other people's gardens.  Not usually through blooms -- but through accents and pops of color.

My friend, Sandie, has a fabulous periwinkle blue wall across the back of her garden. 


(Sandie is a ceramicist; she made the fountain and the tiles.  Gorgeous, non?)

I found this blue-lined birdbath on one of last month's garden tours.  It looks like a swimming pool for birds!  (And that clematis bloom floating . . . isn't that perfect?)


At one of the nurseries we visited, I found this row of wheelbarrows.  I'm always kind of a sucker for wheelbarrows anyway, but this row of blue ones really caught my attention.


Sometimes, just little blue accents are the perfect touch in a garden.




Do you have any garden blues?

Enjoy your weekend . . . hope you find plenty of blue skies!