Gardeners, Start Your Engines. . .
Losing the Polar Fleece

Damn Right. . . I Got the Blues

You guessed it. . . Project Spectrum. . . July. . . brought to you by the color BLUE. 

Hit it, Buddy.


I'll be singin' the blues this month!


And to start things off, I'll tell you a story.  A blues story! 

When I was a very little girl, I had a tiny blue willow china tea set.  I think (I need to check with my mom on this one) the tiny blue willow china tea set was a "big sister gift" when my sister was born.  There are some family stories about how I jammed one of her tiny baby hands into my tiny tea cup.  (I mean, really.  Can you blame me?  They told me I'd have a new sister to PLAY with.)

Anyway.  Being a very little girl, who tried to play nice. . . but didn't always manage to. . .the tiny blue willow china tea set didn't make it out of my childhood.  But I remember it well.  In fact, it is deeply embedded in my psyche.


I have been piecing the tiny blue willow china tea set back together. . . from various antique stores. . . through the years.  I almost have the entire set assembled once again.  (I'm always on the lookout for additional pieces.)


I love it!

The charm of that tiny blue willow china tea set stayed with me.  Now, as an adult, I have an ongoing, all-encompassing "thing" for blue transferware.

You can find pieces of blue transferware all over my house.  On side tables. . .


as centerpieces. . .


on the walls. . .


at tea time. . .


and, prominently, in my china cabinet.


Because it seems kind of inevitable. . . that a little girl with a cherished tiny blue willow china tea set would grow up to be a woman with big blue transferware china tea set!


Yeah.  Damn right. . . I got the blues!  They're everywhere!