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Damn Right. . . I Got the Blues

You guessed it. . . Project Spectrum. . . July. . . brought to you by the color BLUE. 

Hit it, Buddy.


I'll be singin' the blues this month!


And to start things off, I'll tell you a story.  A blues story! 

When I was a very little girl, I had a tiny blue willow china tea set.  I think (I need to check with my mom on this one) the tiny blue willow china tea set was a "big sister gift" when my sister was born.  There are some family stories about how I jammed one of her tiny baby hands into my tiny tea cup.  (I mean, really.  Can you blame me?  They told me I'd have a new sister to PLAY with.)

Anyway.  Being a very little girl, who tried to play nice. . . but didn't always manage to. . .the tiny blue willow china tea set didn't make it out of my childhood.  But I remember it well.  In fact, it is deeply embedded in my psyche.


I have been piecing the tiny blue willow china tea set back together. . . from various antique stores. . . through the years.  I almost have the entire set assembled once again.  (I'm always on the lookout for additional pieces.)


I love it!

The charm of that tiny blue willow china tea set stayed with me.  Now, as an adult, I have an ongoing, all-encompassing "thing" for blue transferware.

You can find pieces of blue transferware all over my house.  On side tables. . .


as centerpieces. . .


on the walls. . .


at tea time. . .


and, prominently, in my china cabinet.


Because it seems kind of inevitable. . . that a little girl with a cherished tiny blue willow china tea set would grow up to be a woman with big blue transferware china tea set!


Yeah.  Damn right. . . I got the blues!  They're everywhere!





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And excellent blues they are! :)
and such a lovely story too.


I have one piece of blue transferware, a large blue serving bowl. It was a wedding gift and I love it, although it did get a big chip mysteriously a few years ago. How come now that blue is the color for the month I'm seeing all GREEN in my world??


Your blue china collection is darling (and impressive). Every time I see china blue tea ware I want to buy a piece, but never do. Maybe just one cup...

Kay - From the Back Yard

Ah, yes. I love blue transferware, too. And brown.

Years ago I gave that very tea set to my sister-in-law, who was just a bit older than my oldest son. Her mom made her take such good care of it she still had it in the box as an adult. I know the price had significantly appreciated by then!


Wonderful post! Doesn't everyone have at thing for blue and white china at some point?


Chiko -gardenkeeper

Hi Kym,

gardengate from Ravelry here.
I wanted to let you know that you have been linked. ;o)

Enjoy visiting you!


Great story; great photos; and beautiful china!!!


Amazing how the little things from childhood imprint themselves deep in our psyche. Beautiful collection!

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