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Oh dear dog! At least you know he's hurting. Hopefully he learned a lesson, but probably not.


Well... my "hellcat" is 24 years old now. And, to make you feel maybe a little bit better, he IS much wiser now, as well as older.


Oy! :)


Boys are dare devils,
Is all good that he didn't brake anything! Good indication of solid bones.
But boy the asphalt burn hurts!!!


Oh boy. Shaking my head along with you. Good thing they're cute!


YIKES...reminds me of the phone call I got 16 years ago when kid who should have known better fell off the hood of his friend's car with no helmet on. And of course it was 5 days before his brother's wedding...and his head looked like your son's shoulder. I do think that was his last (of many) stupid kid tricks.


yeeeee-owwww! My teeth ground together looking at those scrapes. I can imagine digging the grit out of them... wish I'd had that kinda nerve at his age! Maybe I'd have a few more stories to tell;)
Enjoy the weekend!


Was it at least his own personal golf club? ;^)


Ouch! They do stupid stuff sometimes, that's for sure.


Ouch! I hope he is starting to feel better and that experience was a good teacher here.


AAARGGHHHHH! Maddy & Andi are longboarding (Andi's been building them) and you can bet I'll be harping about the helmet!!

Pretty darn clever with the golf club, though, I've got to say. Happy healing, Brian!


Oh dear !
Is it cruel to have a wry smile ? The male brain can be a bit of a mystery. It's as if it overheats, momentarily, and the good sense function is kaput !
I bet that hurts. Hopefully enough to stop him doing it again ! I'm always amazed when I see lads on motorbikes with similar lack of gear. Speed + asphalt = not a good thing at all. To the bone not good.


Looks like he needs the biker leathers to go with the helmet, but I expect that's not 'cool'!


Ouchy, ouchy! Just like our middle son...injury in a new and inventive way. o.0
It eventually gets better but the trip there is one wild ride!


Well, I clearly am the superior child. I obviously never had any stupid injur--right...the head injury from jumping down the basement stairs...or the eye injury from swinging a broken hanger...or the broken toe from kicking my roommates chair...you know...never mind. Tell him to invest in sleeves!


Testosterone poisoning strikes again! But at least he wore a helmet -- good one, Brian.

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