The Salad Bowl - and a little bonus, too!
Cool and Green and Shady


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What an exciting time! Have a safe trip and congrats on your blogiversary!


Off she goes into a very big and exciting future!! Best to Erin and you!!
Has it really been two years!? YAY!!


Wow, good luck Erin!

Have you stopped buying all of those cool kitchen bits and pieces that she 'needs' in her own kitchen yet?

Happy blogoversary too! What a lot you have covered in these 2 years, always a joy to read. Often wished we could chat over a cuppa.


Bon voyage! Good luck to Erin -- such an exciting time.

Happy blogiversary, Kym. I'm so happy to "know" you.


Congratulations to both of you!


Gave me a little lump in my throat! All the best to them and Happy Blogiversary to you and to us!


Yay for new beginnings! It'll be a whole new town to check out - maybe another great brewpup awaits. Glad all is well over by you and lots of luck to Erin.

And, I read back a few posts as well and love the owls :-)


Happy New Beginnings to Erin! Enjoy your travels and new adventures.
And Happy Blogiversary to you!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

I hear Pittsburgh is very cool! Wonderful new beginnings to all, and Happy Blogiversary to you.


Good luck to Erin in her new place and school.

Congratulations on you blogiversary. Your blog is a pleasure in all ways possible.


Woo Hoo!


Happy blogiversary! I love reading your blog. And send best wishes to Erin; hope it's a wonderful new beginning!


I love how you share your lovely life with all of us Kym. Keep writing and I'll be reading. What an exciting time for Erin!


Congratulations to Erin...and best wishes for a wonderful new life!

And, your blog anniversary ... how fun! I'll be around as long as you continue to are one of my favorite folk!


Happy blogversary, Kym, and good luck, Erin!

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