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This Year's Garden Delight

Last Year's Garden Delight

Every year, something about my garden becomes my "delight" of the season.  Last year, it was this. . .


A succulent wreath I planted and hung on my garden gate.  (See original post here.)  This wreath got more and more lush and beautiful as the summer progressed.  It gave me Great Delight.

Last fall, I decided to try to "overwinter" the wreath so I could attempt to recreate its beauty this season. 

And.  How'd that go?

This is what it looked like when I brought it back out this spring.


I gave it a lot of water and as much sunshine as possible (which wasn't much there, for a while).

Gradually, the wreath showed signs of life.


I filled in with some new plants, continued to water, and left it sitting in the sun.

Here it is last weekend, just before I hung it on the garden gate for the season.


Not quite resurrected in last year's glory, but. . . we're getting there!


And what's THIS year's Garden Delight?  Stay tuned . . . and I'll tell you tomorrow!


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The wreath is showing bits of its brilliance. I'd love to see it return to it's former glory. What have you got up your gardeners sleeve? I can't wait to see!


Oooh, lovely! I've seen so many wonderful plantings with succulents. I can't wait 'til tomorrow!!! Are we there yet??
; )


I love that thing. I'm sure by August it will be all fabulous again.

Looking forward to seeing what you're up to this year.


I'm amazed that it survived the winter. Where did you keep it?
Anxiously awaiting what you are doing this year. :D


That's beautiful and how awesome that you recycled it for this year, too!


Resurrecting plants is my specialty. Since I am constantly killing them. You are an inspiration for my little porch container garden-ette. Thank you!

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