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Everyday Green

As a gardener, I'm surrounded by green.  Every day.


But yesterday I realized that I'm also surrounded by "everyday green."  Stuff I use every day -- and kind of just . . . take for granted!

My water bottle, for example.


Couldn't get through a workout without it! 

Or my incredibly handy market basket.


I keep this in my car and use it all the time.  For shopping.  For errands.  For carting Jenny's stuff up to the lake.  Incredibly handy.  (And it folds flat.  Bonus.) 

Or my watering can.


Rubbermaid.  Indestructible.  Steady.  Useful.  I bought this one before Erin was born. . . and I've been using it every gardening season since! 

Or my gardening shoes.


Steady-Freddies.  Oh, sure.  I've been tempted by the much cuter, happy-patterned gardening shoes available now.  But these green "Sloggers" (that's what they're called. . .) have served me well for nearly a decade, and I imagine they'll hang in there for a lifetime of garden slogging!

Or my other trusty gardening tools.


I'm surrounded by everyday green. 


How about you?