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Color Me . . . Red!

Project Spectrum 5 has begun!  (Click here for more information.)  Each month, PS participants will focus on a different color, expressing their reflections through, well, any "medium" they choose.

First up. . . Red!


Red always reminds me of hearts, love, Valentines.  When offered a candy, I always, always choose the red ones.  My favorite fruits (cherries, apples) are red.  I love red toenails. . . and red lipstick.  I plant a lot of red blooms in my garden.  The walls in my guest room are bright red.  My front door is red.  I love the way red POPS out and grabs your attention!

To celebrate Project Spectrum, I have a special yarn-y project I'm working on.  I'm not ready to show it quite yet, but I'll give you a couple of hints.  First, it doesn't involve knitting; and second, it covers the "spectrum."

To celebrate Red, I have a little sewing project nearly ready to go.


I also made strawberry shortcake* for dessert.


It'll be fun to see how Red POPS out to grab my attention this month.


*The tasty treat wasn't really to celebrate Project Spectrum.  It was to celebrate the successful completion of Brian's first year of college.  Welcome home, Bud!  (Strawberry shortcake is his favorite!)