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Color Me . . . Red!

Project Spectrum 5 has begun!  (Click here for more information.)  Each month, PS participants will focus on a different color, expressing their reflections through, well, any "medium" they choose.

First up. . . Red!


Red always reminds me of hearts, love, Valentines.  When offered a candy, I always, always choose the red ones.  My favorite fruits (cherries, apples) are red.  I love red toenails. . . and red lipstick.  I plant a lot of red blooms in my garden.  The walls in my guest room are bright red.  My front door is red.  I love the way red POPS out and grabs your attention!

To celebrate Project Spectrum, I have a special yarn-y project I'm working on.  I'm not ready to show it quite yet, but I'll give you a couple of hints.  First, it doesn't involve knitting; and second, it covers the "spectrum."

To celebrate Red, I have a little sewing project nearly ready to go.


I also made strawberry shortcake* for dessert.


It'll be fun to see how Red POPS out to grab my attention this month.


*The tasty treat wasn't really to celebrate Project Spectrum.  It was to celebrate the successful completion of Brian's first year of college.  Welcome home, Bud!  (Strawberry shortcake is his favorite!)


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Oh yes, I love the red candies, too...and strawberry short cake! I can't wait to see what little project you have up your sleeve. I'll be working on my sewing project this weekend! Red, red, red!!


Red is IT!
Happy Red Month!


Will Puck think he is your bird or Brian's now that college is done for the year??
Enjoy your red project! :D


Wow, didn't he just leave for college??
Have a great summer, Brian!


Great ways to celebrate red. Hannah comes home from her first year in college next Friday and I can't wait!


Wonderful reds!

This is the summer Brian learns how to do laundry, right? ;^)


Red is my color, too. (right along with blue and green)

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