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Knit Like Royalty

Thirty years ago right now, I was planning my wedding. 

That same year, someone ELSE was up to their ears in wedding plans, too.


Yes.  Charles and Diana were wed just a month ahead of Tom and I.  (Thankfully, my choice of wedding dress could not be influenced by Diana's. . . since it was still "top secret" when I was choosing my own.)

Now, I am not a "royal watcher" -- and I'm not really paying any attention to THIS year's royal wedding (although I do think the royal bride has incredible fashion sense, and I can't wait to see what her gown will look like).  But. . . check this out. . .


If you have the inclination - and a lot of spare time on your hands - you can KNIT the royal wedding (right down to the queen's Corgis!).

Here's a Ravelry link. . . or. . . you can purchase the instruction book on Amazon.

Happy royal knitting!


I happen. . . to love the colors of Noro yarn.  In fact, Noro Kureyon was what grabbed me in 2002 and got me started back into knitting . . . after a decades-long hiatus!

I happen. . . to have purchased 20 skeins of Noro Silk Garden last year (or maybe the year before?) in a WEBS online clearance sale (10 skeins* each of 2 different colorways).


I happen. . . to have had No Plan Whatsoever with either of my new Noro yarn stashes.  So it's just been sitting in my closet.  Waiting.

I happen. . . to have stumbled on to Kay Gardiner's Mitred Crosses Blanket for Japan.


I happen. . . to love it.  I also happen to love being able to contribute (in a very small way) to Japan Relief.

I happen. . . to have cast on.




* I do not actually have enough of the much-sought-after-and-now-discontinued Noro Silk Garden Colorway 269 (the light background color) to complete the pattern as written.  I'm going to have to improvise.  Either. . . I'll knit fewer squares. . . OR . . .  I found THIS in my stash:


Six skeins of an entirely OTHER Noro Silk Garden colorway.  But look!  There is a lot of light color in there.  Kind of similar to the colors in 269.  Maybe. . . I can piece something together.

Stay tuned!


Oh, My Achy-Breaky Macarena Luftballoons! Who Let the Dogs Out?


This week, Ten on Tuesday has us thinking about One-Hit Wonders.  You know.  Those groups who make it big with one song. . . and then fade into obscurity.  What a perfect topic for a blogger with a constant soundtrack playing in her head! Tom and I had a great time thinking of songs and watching the videos.

While several songs come immediately to mind, we finally narrowed our list to these Ten One-Hit Wonders:

1 -- Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas)

2 -- Midnight at the Oasis (Maria Muldaur)

3 -- Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)

4 -- Holiday (Nazareth)

5 -- It's Raining Men (Weather Girls)

6 -- Come On Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners)

7 -- Video Killed the Radio Star (Buggles)

8 -- Goody Two Shoes (Adam Ant)

9 -- Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)

10 -- Mmm Bop (Hanson) (This one's for you, Erin!)

What are YOUR favorites?


A Big Day and Lots of Cool Stuff

Last week, I celebrated my birthday.


When I was a kid, I loved having my birthday.  As an adult, though, I just kind of let my birthday slide into the background of life.  I wasn't all that excited about getting older, and I was never all that comfortable being in the birthday limelight.

Not anymore, though.

The whole cancer thing has changed my way of thinking.  Now. . . I embrace my birthday!  I want more birthdays.  Because that means I'm still around to celebrate!  And there can never - ever - be . . . too many candles!

This year's celebration lasted several days.  Lunches out with friends, dinner out with Tom, a family party yesterday (we missed you, Erin!), and it's about to last several more -- my sister arrives later this week!  I've had a great time.  And you know what else is fun about birthdays?  Cool Stuff!  Like. . .

Plants . . . from my sister


and my pal, Sandie.


A great bag (made of woven, dyed grass made by Baskets of Cambodia) from my Mom and Dad.


This bag is so cool!  The details are perfect


right down to the inside!


And Tom got me a rain barrel!


(This is not my actual rain barrel; this is the photo from the Gardener's Supply Catalog, where he ordered mine.)

It's good to have birthdays.  Bring 'em on!



Time Flies. . .

March.  Over in an instant.


I'm not a huge fan of March, generally.


I like that the seasons are beginning to change; the extra daylight and all that.  But.


Sometimes I get so impatient.  I want Spring . . . NOW.  I don't want it to ebb and flow.  I want it to continue unfolding at a nice, sunny pace.  But Spring doesn't happen that way.


This has been a particularly challenging March for me.  But a little turmoil is good for the soul, n'est ce pas?


Now it's April.  A fresh month.


A fresh perspective.


Spring. . . keeps unfolding!  (No foolin'!)

(The photos in today's entry are from my March postings to my 365 Project.  To see the entire collection of March photos, click on the 365 Project link in my sidebar.)