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Oh, My Achy-Breaky Macarena Luftballoons! Who Let the Dogs Out?


This week, Ten on Tuesday has us thinking about One-Hit Wonders.  You know.  Those groups who make it big with one song. . . and then fade into obscurity.  What a perfect topic for a blogger with a constant soundtrack playing in her head! Tom and I had a great time thinking of songs and watching the videos.

While several songs come immediately to mind, we finally narrowed our list to these Ten One-Hit Wonders:

1 -- Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas)

2 -- Midnight at the Oasis (Maria Muldaur)

3 -- Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)

4 -- Holiday (Nazareth)

5 -- It's Raining Men (Weather Girls)

6 -- Come On Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners)

7 -- Video Killed the Radio Star (Buggles)

8 -- Goody Two Shoes (Adam Ant)

9 -- Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)

10 -- Mmm Bop (Hanson) (This one's for you, Erin!)

What are YOUR favorites?



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Love your list ... so fun to go back in time and revisit some great memories brought back by these songs!


Love your list...many are on my next top ten...except for "Kung Fu Fighting." No self respecting Disco Diva would grant credo to that song...I was such a disco snob!!! LOL!


GREAT list!!! Maria Muldaur and The Weather Girls are among my favorites, and I loved Adam Ant "back in the day". :-)


I love most of what's on your list!!!
This was great


Great list. Funny you picked Nazareth too, but a different song! :)


As I said to Carole...I'm truly speechless.


Great and fun list!


I had such a mad crush on Adam Ant. /sigh


I was never here!


It's Raining Men - I have never seen that video...so cool!

And, I have to agree with Midnight at the Oasis...


Great list! But....now I have all those songs banging around in my head trying to be the one that plays over and over and over....

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