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Love Locked

As we walked along the Seine River in Paris, on our way to the Louvre, something on one of the bridges caught our eye.


Turned out to be locks.  Lots of locks.  Hanging on the Pont des Arts (a pedestrian bridge over the Seine; near the Louvre).


Closer inspection of the locks revealed initials and dates.  Of the "KR + TM 4EVR" variety.  In many languages.


Couples from around the world come to the Pont des Arts and symbolically lock up their love -- then toss the key into the Seine.  4EVR.  (Or, until the City of Paris decides to clear the bridge of locks - which happens periodically.)

Industrious street vendors near the bridge sell locks to passersby -- some with custom printed names, dates, and messages.

I did see one combination lock.


Made me wonder if they threw the combination into the Seine.

Very sweet -- and a little romantic.  If I had been to Paris with Tom, I would have SO locked up our love on the Pont Des Arts.  And then. . . thrown away the key!


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You have a good eye to notice the locks on the bridge. Romantic Paris lives up to its name.


Sweet! What a really sweet romantic idea. :)


Aw, that's sweet. I love the combination lock -- it looks old, too.


Me too! What a lovely way to signify true love.




How neat! I hope some day to go to Paris with my husband, and I shall insist we do that. He's not a romantic, but he loves things you can purchase in a hardware store, so this might work for him too.

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