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I happen. . . to love the colors of Noro yarn.  In fact, Noro Kureyon was what grabbed me in 2002 and got me started back into knitting . . . after a decades-long hiatus!

I happen. . . to have purchased 20 skeins of Noro Silk Garden last year (or maybe the year before?) in a WEBS online clearance sale (10 skeins* each of 2 different colorways).


I happen. . . to have had No Plan Whatsoever with either of my new Noro yarn stashes.  So it's just been sitting in my closet.  Waiting.

I happen. . . to have stumbled on to Kay Gardiner's Mitred Crosses Blanket for Japan.


I happen. . . to love it.  I also happen to love being able to contribute (in a very small way) to Japan Relief.

I happen. . . to have cast on.




* I do not actually have enough of the much-sought-after-and-now-discontinued Noro Silk Garden Colorway 269 (the light background color) to complete the pattern as written.  I'm going to have to improvise.  Either. . . I'll knit fewer squares. . . OR . . .  I found THIS in my stash:


Six skeins of an entirely OTHER Noro Silk Garden colorway.  But look!  There is a lot of light color in there.  Kind of similar to the colors in 269.  Maybe. . . I can piece something together.

Stay tuned!



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You'll figure it out! I started a Mitered Blanket of my own, quite by happenstance, too!


I bought the pattern too, I am resisting the purchase of Noro Silk Garden to add to some I have in my stash (actualy a vest that I've been meaning to frog for a while)because I am trying to only knit from stash for the forseeable future. Problem with that is that you never have quite enough to do what you want so you have to buy some more, but that doesn't count does it???


Your blanket is beautiful! I'm making one too!! Guess what--I found 2 skeins of the Noro 269 and can't use them because that's all I could find!!! You are welcome to have them! (Before I put them on Ebay for $50 a skein! LOL!)


That happens to be a happy coincidence!

It's looking good so far and I love the colors. :)


Noro is one of my favorite yarns!!!!

Like what you are making...


Love it!

You'll make it work. I know you will.


That happens to look like a plan ! A very good plan.


That happens to be a beautiful choice (both esthetically and spirtually) and I happen to be jealous of all that Noro.


You will figure it out and your blanket will be beautiful. I have zero doubt about this.

I have 10 skeins of that now-discontinued Noro Silk Garden myself, but it is destined to be half of a sweater (the other half is a more colorful NSG). Bought them on eBay, then a month or so later discovered them on sale at Webs for less than I had paid.


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