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Green Day

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew." -- Marshall McLuhan


I'm taking a little break** from blog-as-travelogue today to celebrate Earth Day

Every year, on Earth Day, I make a personal commitment to doing . . . something . . . to show my commitment to the environment; to take responsibility for being part of the crew.  These are small acts of green, sure.  But my small acts of green turn into habits and change the way I live.

In the past, I've committed to composting, planting a tree every year, switching out my light bulbs, using cloth diapers, organic gardening, recycling, using more native plants in my landscape, feeding the birds, growing my own herbs, attracting bees to my garden.  Things like that.


This year?  Tom and I signed up for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share.  We're committing to the "eating local" movement as much as we can.  We're really excited to be part of the Eater's Guild CSA in Bangor, Michigan -- and we're looking forward to picking up our weekly shares, beginning next month.


It's Earth Day.  Celebrate.  Make a commitment.  What can YOU do?  (And once you decide, visit Earth Day Network and log YOUR Act of Green.)

**The photos in my blog post today are from Claude Monet's garden at Giverny in France.  I'll do a post on that incredible place next week.  In the meantime, if the beauty of Monet's garden can't inspire us to make a commitment to the Earth, I don't know what can!


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You will love your CSA shares. It will also give you a chance be creative in the kitchen and eat very fresh and healthy food. Go green!


Will be checking into if we have a CSA in our area!

The photos are beautiful. Will be looking forward to the full story next week. They are as pretty as a picture! ;)


I finally joined a CSA this year, too, and I'm so excited for it to begin! I have to wait until early June... May is going to be a very long month.

FYI: The Locavore app is a free download today!! (Available for both iStuff and Android.)


Meant to post the link:


Timely post, reminded me I need to put the Rubbermaid containers back in my tote bag so we don't need those styrofoam clamshells when we can't finish out dinner out.

I thought there were only two places in France I wanted to see, the Louvre and Provence. Now I have added Giverny to my mental list. Someday maybe...

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