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I've long wanted to visit Paris.  I'd go . . . anytime.  But it seems like the spring must be a pretty good time to go.  After all. . . they wrote a song about it!


And then there's the familiar optical illusion.  I remember first seeing this little "trompe l'oiel" when I was in grade school.


From that time on, I vowed to see Paris in the the spring. . . because, if they made an optical illusion about it, by golly, it must be the best time to go!

And, of course, there's this famous line from Casablanca.


And, so.  How could I resist?  N'est ce pas?

My sister and I are headed to Paris.  Today.  In the the spring.  And then we're taking a little trip up to Amsterdam (where the tulips are in bloom!).


See you in 10 days or so!





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Magnifique!! I know you'll have a fabulous time -- can't wait to hear all about it. Bon voyage!!


Have a wonderful time! Hope you have pictures to share... :)


Oh my goodness, I didn't realize it was spring! Enjoy your trip. Have a wonderful, wonderful time (I know you will!).


Will be looking forward to hearing all about it. Safe travels.


You and your sister look like... sisters! Have a wonderful time, enjoy the wine and the sights and the tulips. See ya on the flip side!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

All the cool kids are traveling! ; )
Bon voyage!


Enjoy Paris! I'm so glad you are getting to go at last. Totally irrelevant, but I really love the style and fit of your sister's sweater.

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