She Said It, the Wrap-Up
A Big Day and Lots of Cool Stuff

Time Flies. . .

March.  Over in an instant.


I'm not a huge fan of March, generally.


I like that the seasons are beginning to change; the extra daylight and all that.  But.


Sometimes I get so impatient.  I want Spring . . . NOW.  I don't want it to ebb and flow.  I want it to continue unfolding at a nice, sunny pace.  But Spring doesn't happen that way.


This has been a particularly challenging March for me.  But a little turmoil is good for the soul, n'est ce pas?


Now it's April.  A fresh month.


A fresh perspective.


Spring. . . keeps unfolding!  (No foolin'!)

(The photos in today's entry are from my March postings to my 365 Project.  To see the entire collection of March photos, click on the 365 Project link in my sidebar.)


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May April have more blue sky days and not so many snowy days!


Wonderful photos!

If I could send you my spring in a box, I would do it in a heartbeat. I am so over hot and sunny. feh


Yes, I'm glad March is over too but April here doesn't look all that much better. /sigh

Love your photos! Do you have a pussy willow bush? Mom used to have one of them...

Diana Troldahl

I am MORE than ready for warmer weather!
At least for us the worst of the snow is gone, so i can jaunt about again. Winter is so long and cold and jail-like.

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