She Said It, Week Three

The Wearin' o' the . . . Orange

Yeah.  I know what day it is.

I have my Guinness-soaked corned beef simmering away in the crock pot.  The potatoes are ready to boil.  And there's more Guinness chilling in the fridge.

But today. . . I'm thinking ORANGE.

As in the Orange Prize for Fiction. 

The Orange Prize for Fiction is an annual UK book award honoring fiction written by women.  The award is presented for excellence, originality, and accessibility in women's writing throughout the world.  Yesterday, they announced the "long list" of nominees.  I've only read one of the twenty books on the list. . . but you can be sure I'll be checking out the rest of the titles soon! 

My to-read list grows ever-longer. . .

(Note:  I love that the Orange Prize for Fiction "long list" is announced during March -- Women's History Month.  Historically, it was such a challenge for women to become recognized as authors.  They wrote secretly, changed their names, struggled to be heard. . . and, ultimately, forged a path.  Of all the book awards out there, the Orange Prize will always be my favorite!)


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How wonderful! Thanks for the link!


Two books are already on my iPod and one is under my belt! Thanks for sharing such a great list of books!


More great books to read! So many and so little time...


Love what you teach us! And I'm wearin' o the green. Hsppy St. Party's Day to you and yours.

Diana Troldahl

In Ireland, the Catholics wear green, the Protestants orange. Some Pagans celebrate St. Patrick's day by using the phrase 'nathair go bragh' (or up with the snakes) as the snakes in the legend of st. patty are said to be the Pagans ousted by Christianity.

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