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Smells Like. . . a Celebration

As you might guess from the title of today's blog post. . . I'm multi-tasking!  Two Ten-on-Tuesday topics for the price of one!

First, the official Ten-on-Tuesday list:  Ten Favorite Smells.  My favorites:

  1. Lilacs in bloom
  2. Rain (probably actually "after-rain")
  3. Fresh laundry
  4. Pine trees out in the woods
  5. Bread baking
  6. Fresh roasted coffee grounds
  7. Tomato plants
  8. Basil
  9. Baby powder (reminds me of my babies. . .)
  10. Thanksgiving (all of it!)


And, now. . . my Bonus Ten on Tuesday list. 


Today is International Women's Day.  In fact, it is the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day!  To celebrate, the Global Fund for Women has put together a list of the Top Ten Wins for Women's Movements Around the World.  Check it out!  See what progress looks like. . . for our sisters around the globe.

Celebrate International Women's Day today!  Smell. . . change in the air. . . and see what you can do to make a difference.


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Leave it to Kym to give us a bonus! Thank you for sharing IWD info. What a treat!


I enjoyed your list. I totally forgot basil on mine. And I do love that Thanksgiving smell!


Great list - happy tot!


Like your list...


"After-rain"...our 2nd DS always said he liked that "wet dirt" smell. :)




Thanks for the link to the IWD info!
Marjoram is my favorite smell. Nothing else compares to it, but I have lilac hand cream that I apply before bed. As a kid there was a lilac bush outside my bedroom window, and when it was in bloom, my whole rooms smelled of lilacs.


Mmmmmm. Lots of memories stirred up with the "Ten" lists this week!

Beautiful video... thanks!

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