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Shhhhhhh.  Quiet!  Today's Ten on Tuesday takes us to the library.  Here's mine:


The Portage District Library.  (I'm actually closer to the Kalamazoo Public Library, but my "official" library is the Portage library.)

Ten Reasons to Use the Library:

  1. It's free. . . providing
  2. Great access to almost anything . . . and
  3. A quiet place to read or study.
  4. You can find a great variety of resources . . .
  5. with the help of knowledgable assistants.
  6. It's a community-focused institution . . . with
  7. Programs for every age group.
  8. There are comfortable spaces for reading, browsing, learning. . . and you can make
  9. Connections with real people and real books and real materials.
  10. Tap into your local treasure!



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My DH finds most of his garden info at the library. I love their on-line book resource. Yay for libraries!


Libraries are a good thing.
Here in Toronto we have them around almost every corner which makes me really happy.
In April they have a month long event:
Keep Toronto Reading Festival!


I'm not very acquainted with libraries...nothing very close to me. But what I really loved, when they existed, were bookmobiles! Just the book smell when you walked through the door made me happy! And new books to read that didn't come from the school library...heaven. :)


This is such a great post! We loved it so much, we linked to your site. Thanks for speaking up from the Staff at the Delaware State Library.


When I was a kid in a town of 500 people, our library consisted of one wall of shelves in the post office, about 10 feet long, plus the bookmobile came every Tuesday. Now the library in my little town of 888 people fills to burting a former bowling-alley-that-became-a-Ben-Franklin-store. Yay for libraries!

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