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She Said It, Week Two

"Would that there were an award for people who come to understand the concept of enough.  Good enough.  Successful enough.  Thin enough.  Rich enough.  Socially responsible enough.  When you have self-respect you have enough, and when you have enough, you have self-respect."  -- Gail Sheehy


"I've had my share of pain, and I probably will in the future, too.  But I've gotta say, it's sculpted me into the person I am now.  There was a time when I looked to other people for recognition, because I didn't have enough confidence to trust my own judgment.  Now I'm not looking for reassurance, because I realize how fickle people are:  My own strength is the best strength I can have." -- Annie Lennox

March is Women's History Month. 

To celebrate, on Fridays during the month of March, I'll be honoring women by highlighting quotes by women. 

Celebrate your story!  Celebrate Women's History Month.


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So very true!


Excellent quotes! Both very true...


Hear, hear, especially that part about rich enough. How rich do the Wall Street bankers and the energy company executives have to get before they will stop stealing from the rest of us? I have been pondering that very question for a number of months.


Diana Troldahl

I love both those quotes, thank you.
Diana (keeping warm inside until spring decides to stick around)


I love both quotes!! We are pretty fabulous, and smart, creatures.

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