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Oh, boy!  This week's topic is oh. so. relevant!  Today, Carole has us talking about our Ten Favorite Cocktails.  Let's just say this:  I need one.  We had a big ice storm on Sunday night.  Followed by a big snow storm.  Power is out everywhere.  Internet connection is spotty.  People are scrambling folks.  It's time for a drink!

Even though I prefer a glass of wine to a cocktail, I (ahem) do enjoy a good cocktail now and again. 


Here goes.  My Ten Favorite Cocktails:

  1. Dirty Martini (with at least 3 olives!)
  2. Whiskey (neat)
  3. Margarita (on the rocks; with salt)
  4. Cosmopolitan (pretty AND tasty)
  5. Mimosa (so nice with brunch)
  6. Gin & Tonic (only in the summer, though)
  7. Bloody Mary (two stalks of celery; with leaves)
  8. Pina Colada (only on vacation; poolside or beachside)
  9. Bailey's Irish Cream (technically, not a cocktail, but . . . yum)
  10. Whiskey Sour (but, really, not for years)

Bottom's up!


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Whiskey is not a cocktail either. Actually some people will be deeply insulted from its inclusion in this list,,, :)


I love your list, especially #2....cocktail or not.


Mix that Bailey's up with a little Frangelica and then you've got a cocktail.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

I prefer wine, too, but #3, #5, and #6 would make my list. #9 might be just what you need to survive the Big Snow Storm. Better stock up, you guys keep getting hammered! (With snow, of course!)


Looks like a good list to me! Bottoms up! :)

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