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Shaken, Not Stirred

Just Leading Me On

Two weekends ago, it looked like this. . .


Then, last weekend it looked like this. . .


By Saturday, nearly ALL the snow was gone, and I could get out in my garden.  I was so excited to find signs of life!

Greens. . .


and buds. . .


and shoots!


I know spring is a tease.  I know the weather is just leading me on!  And in case there was any doubt . . .

Screen shot 2011-02-20 at 8.02.33 PM
Snow.  Sleet.  Freezing rain.  Thunder.  All wrapped up in a Winter Storm Warning!



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Lori on Little Traverse Bay

All that snow missed us again! I hear it stopped just shy of Charlevoix. We could use a few inches... we got nothin'! (Since Spring doesn't arrive here until June 1, we might as well have some snow!) ; )


Poor little buds and shoots!


We had a foot of the stuff to deal with this morning. Boo.


This time of year is a tease...and hard on the poor little plants that think it really IS spring.

We were north of all the nasty weather and we actually have sunshine today! It's cold though...


Tease indeed, here too.


Spring is about rebirth and some years it's a long painful process.



I feel your pain! We've had it all the last week. At least we had sun (albeit dang cold!) today and you know it's coming your way. It IS February, after all.


We've had blue skies for two days in a row - you know that ain't gonna last!

Diana Troldahl

Yeah, it landed here, hard. We ended up with 9 inches to a foot in our part of Michigan. In 6 hours. Pout.


5 degrees this morning! At least no one can ever call us sissies!

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