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A World of Glass

The Ice Storm Storm has been somewhat . . . all-encompassing. . . this week.  It's thrown all of us off-kilter.  When your world is encased in a 1/2" coating of ice, everything changes.

Trees bend and break and fall down because of the sheer weight of the ice.


Services come to a halt.


Power goes out. (We were extremely lucky this go-round.  We did not lose our power.  Internet? Yep.  But we had heat!)


Driving is treacherous; walking is treacherous.


This ice storm was a little unusual -- because it was immediately followed by snow and plunging temperatures.  So the ice that accumulated on Sunday. . .


is still there today.  Nothing has melted yet.


Most folks have power again.  Streets are driveable.  Businesses are open.


On the plus side, it's stunningly beautiful. . . everywhere you look.  It's like a world created by Dale Chihuly -- and especially at night, when the light shines on the icy trees.


It's really impressive. . . to live in a world of glass.


The worst thing?  Check out this forecast . . .

Screen shot 2011-02-23 at 8.56.37 PM

a "wintry mix" for tonight.  And fog.  Followed by snow.  Make it stop!


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Beautiful but disastrous! We had the ice storm in 2009 I believe - so much destruction. Here's wishing you 40 degree temps soon Kym!


It does look like a Chihuly had a hand in your landscape. We're expecting our biggest storm of the season. Ol' Man Winter doesn't want to let go!


We've had some winters that seemed nothing but ice -- snow's a big pain in the backside, but I'll take it over ice any day!

The first day of spring is less than a month away.
; )


Beautiful but deadly. We had an unexpected deluge of snow on Saturday morning but it thawed by evening.

I saw the Chihuly exhibition at the V&A a few years ago. Absolutely stunning.


This winter is one that all will remember...either for the cold temps, huge amounts of snow or in your case, the ice.

Beautiful yes. But, it can stop any time now!


It is good that it is so beautiful to give one good thing to the otherwise very problematic storm, right?

Oh Chihuly has an exhibition in Tel Aviv - if I will be lucky enough to get rid of the purple thing I don't complain about next Wednesday I may go visit my mother in April and if so I will have to remember to go see his show! thank you for the lead.

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