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Jenny and I go for a two-mile walk every day.


Although we used to walk in the evenings, we have recently switched to early morning (hello, 6 am!) wake-up walks.  I actually like getting up early and going for a walk.  It gives my metabolism a kick-start and begins each day with action.  And Jenny LOVES to go for a walk . . .any time!

Walking safely -- on dark, icy, unplowed, snow-covered streets (no major roads for Jenny and I) -- is a challenge in the winter.  We have plenty of warm clothes (even Jenny has a sweater and a jacket), Jenny has a flashing red light that attaches to her collar (it's sort of like walking with a police cruiser in full flasher, but it works).  But, still, I was always a bit leery of slipping and falling.  I was never able to walk at a confident, work-out style speed.

Until now!


(Sorry for the grainy pictures; it's dark at 6 am!)

After years of wondering if these would work, I picked up a pair and tried them out myself.


They stretch on over any pair of shoes or boots.


And they work!!!!

They really do make it feel that you are walking (or running, apparently) on dry pavement!  So now, instead of feeling like a Weeble (remember them?  "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!") as I walk, Jenny and I can trudge along at a good, fast, work-out pace and work up quite a sweat to start our day.  Even in deep snow.  Even on ice.  These little contraptions have just become one of my favorite things!

If you walk in the snow, or on snow-packed or icy roads, give these a try.  For a relatively small investment (under $20), you can feel a lot more solid.  You'll be trudging right along -- just like Jenny and I!


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I've been thinking about a pair to wear on snow days! Glad to know they work! It's now warm enough (not going at when it's 8 degrees) I can start my morning walks again.


I think a couple of our boys had those awhile back, or something very similar. They used them going to class in college and on weekends when they went ice fishing! Multi purpose. :D


Getting up for a walk at 6am every morning?!? You are very good to Jenny!


I love my Yak Trax! Tragically, I lost one a couple weeks ago. They can come off without the wearer noticing -- be aware of that, be sure to get that outside elastic string ALL THE WAY over the edge of your shoe and maybe a bit extra. I ordered a new pair from Amazon (see tomorrow's post) and THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!!!


I have them and haven't tried them! Thank you for Kick. In. Butt. You're way too good to me! :-)


Just curious-- did you get Yaktrak Pro or Yaktrak Walker?? I'd like to get a pair myself and am not sure which would be better... I'm interested in hearing *your* opinion. Thanks!!


I have a pair of those and I have never used them...I've been afraid they wouldn't work...and I'd fall on butt!

I'm going to try them...




I need to replace mine... they are amazing and really do work!!

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