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My dog, Jenny, is a Lab.  Like most Labs, she will eat anything.  She prefers typical dog "fare" -- meat, cheese, and fish.  But she also loves to eat some things that are, well, unexpected.  For a dog.  Jenny loves bananas.  She goes crazy for tomatoes.  I can't eat yogurt without Jenny close by my side.  And, over the holidays, I discovered that she loves . . . sweet potatoes!

During one particularly busy December weekend, when I needed to bring a side dish for my office potluck dinner, I decided to make a new sweet potato dish from this new cookbook.  Thinking ahead, I baked the required 8 sweet potatoes the day before, and left them on the counter to cool.

Later. . . there were only 4.  Jenny likes sweet potatoes!

It must not be unusual, though.  Because last week, I found these:


Sweet Potato treats for dogs!

They look like little dried pieces of sweet potato.


And Jenny loves them!


What a goofy dog!  She definitely has a sweet (potato) tooth!


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They make dog food and dog treats for humans. Our dogs go crazy for ANYthing that comes out of the treat cupboard.
Jenny seriously ate 4 whole sweet potatoes?

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Rip loves sweet potatoes, too! Fortunately, he's too small to "counter-surf" or there'd be no stopping him. ; )


As we said before: the spoilest dog eveh,,,! :) lovely.


Was there no tummy upset from so many sweet potatoes?

Our (departed) alaskan malamute/husky cross (possibly with other things thrown in for good measure) would eat anything you asked her to "speak" of our hired men occasionally fed her cigarette butts. And she ate them! At least Jenny eats healthy things. :)


My friend's labs love carrots! When they come to my house they barrel through to the kitchen and sit staring at my fridge!

Love Ina Garten - we used to get her on satellite TV everyday but she't not been on for a while.


Jenny is very lucky that you're such a good sport. The best dog/sweet potato post EVER!


Speaking of sweet potatoes - When we lived in Tennessee - we planted a garden which included sweet potatoes.

One day as we were tending the garden we let Isis Dreamweaver (Lab mix) loose and her buddy, Venus, (Lab mix) on her lead. (since Venus enjoyed going to our neighbor's farm and rolling in horse manure)

Suddenly we see Isis digging where the sweet potatoes were - and she'd dig one out and take it to Venus and then dig one out for herself - they ate them raw...

I couldn't believe it - and they didn't get a tummy ache or sick...

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

P.S.---Be sure to click on Cookie's link. It's TOO MUCH!

Diana Troldahl

My Kitsune loved the skins from roasted sweet potatoes.
In the winter in Japan, there are people who set up grills near the parks in Nara, and roast sweet potatoes for sale. They smell SO GOOD as you walk by and it tastes all smoky and yummy.

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