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I tend to think of myself as an Organized Person.  It may not look like I'm organized, but I do tend to get things done on time, be where I'm supposed to be fairly close to when I'm supposed to be there, and know where things are. 


Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Ways to Be More Organized.  My suggestions:

  1. THINK organized!  It's a state of mind. . .
  2. Plan ahead.  Lay out your clothes for tomorrow before you go to bed; keep your work-out stuff packed and ready to go; check your calendar BEFORE you head out the door, etc.
  3. Embrace the high-tech tools!  For me, it's iEverything that keeps me iOrganized.  Between my iMac, my iPad and my iPhone. . . I've got it covered.
  4. Embrace the low-tech tools!  Of course, there's nothing like Post-It notes, the hand-written grocery list and the stand-by planner.  (I am in the process of converting from the old-school planner to the iPad planner, so right now . . . it's a little of both.)
  5. Keep things handy.  Tom and I make use of a white board (in the photo above) that we keep on the kitchen counter.  We jot down things we need to pick up from the grocery store, or we write each other notes.  It's always there.  We tend to use it.
  6. Keep things portable.  I have little "tool kits" that I keep at the ready.  (My knitting "tool kit" is in the photo above.)  If it's in kit form, I grab-and-go.  (Some of my tool-kits include knitting stuff, work-out stuff, touch-up make-up stuff, office supply stuff, and - in season - gardening stuff.)
  7. Use reminder tools.  I couldn't function without my pill-minder!
  8. Make lists.  I always keep a little notebook in my bag (it's the one with the dots design in the photo above).  It's only purpose is to jot down lists and notes of errands, etc.  I carry it right into the grocery store with me and cross things off as I shop.  When I fill one up, I replace it with another.
  9. Use colorful files and supplies.  I'm not a color-coordinated organizer, but I do like pretty file folders and desk supplies that make me smile.
  10. Manage the paper flow!  (I'm always struggling with this one. . .)  We make use of a giant bulletin board in the back closet to capture schedules and calendars. 


(Please note I did not share a photo of my desk or any of my closets.  Organization?  What Organization?)


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Great list! I didn't put your #7 on my list, but I should have. My pill minder helps me a lot!


Isn't it amazing how a new pretty office supply can make the day! Great list Kym.


I may not be as organized as you, or have a reason to be (kids), but many of the items on your list help me through daily life, too. I'm thinking of investing in a good ol' chalk board, just for the fun of it.


I'm too overwhelmed right now to even organize a thought most days... BUT, after reading a couple of ToT posts today, I have started to write tomorrow's list. And, somehow, I need to stop the paper flow...


Great list! I've found the calendar in my Droid phone is super helpful. And the phone also has post it notes that can be added to the home page when I have something I need to remember for a short time!


Wonderful list!


We too have turned into Old People with our pill minders. I even have one for the morning pills and one for the bedtime pills.


I really like your kit idea. I'm going to implement it, too!

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