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And the Memories. . .


One of my favorite Glee episodes last season was about . . . hair:


Not surprising that I liked this episode.  I've been a bit, ummmm, fixated on my own hair for a couple of years ago.  Losing it.  Growing it back.  Dealing with new curls.  Embracing the grey.  Figuring out what to do with it.

Yeah.  About that one.  Figuring out what to do with it.  So far, I've just been letting it grow.  Getting it styled and cut periodically, to keep it in some semblance of a "hairdo" . . . but mostly, just letting it grow until I figure out what I want to do with it.

I've moved through so many "stages" of chemo hair re-growth.  Starting with the Mother Theresa look.

Images Last Day of Chemo Feb 4 2009 016

Moving on the Jamie Lee Curtis look.

Jamie lee Kind of Blue Fini 015

Through those awkward "where's the beef" months.

Whereb Kodachrome finis 012

And the getting-longer "Mozart hair" phase.

Mozart Hanging on the telephone 005

I finally settled in for a long time with the Paula Deen look.  But just to let my hair grow some.

Pauladeen01 IMG_1216

Now, though, I think my hair has grown long enough to do what I WANT to do with it.  To go for a style of my own choosing!  After two years, I'm finally ready to walk into my hair salon and say, "I want THIS hair cut."

Yep.  This time, I'm going for Helen Mirren!


On purpose!




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You'll look great! I love the simplicity and the unstyled look of Helen's hair. I'm not sure we ever outgrow our awkward stages when it comes to hair.


Can't wait to see it!


Funny -- I was thinking about "where's the beef" the other day!


Omg, your post is a triumph over the foibles of womankind. I admire your ability to laugh at the power of hair. Helen Mirren should be flattered!


You could not have chosen a better model -- Helen Mirren is Teh Awesome.


I love those hair comparisons. So much fun. I'd hate to think whose picture I'd have to put beside my current hair.

Can't wait to see "Helen"


You are going to rock the Helen Mirren look!!!


Love it!


Hurray! You'll look great in a "Helen"!


I think your going to look really "hot" with Helen's hairdo! It's a great cut!

And, I'm amazed at how you have dealt with the "hair" situation - and you've done it with style!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

That will be very chic!


That will be a great cut for you!

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