Where My Tuition Money Goes

And the Memories. . .

Soundtrack. . .


As soon as I saw Kristin Kapur's new hat design (Ida's Kitchen) I took a quick detour right down Memory Lane.

1970.  Harvest Gold and Avocado Green appliances. 


Wall-to-wall carpet. 


My Mom's knit ripple afghans. (She always seemed to have one on the needles; they were very popular back then.  The one I remember most was in two shades of orange - light and dark, plus brown and yellow.) 


(This is a knit kit currently available from Herrschners.  Sadly, we have no photos of my Mom's lovely afghans.)

And, of course, Freda Payne singing "Band of Gold" on the radio.

Needless to say, I HAD to knit Kristin's new hat pattern!


I toned down the colors a bit.  They're still a bit 70s-ripple-afghan. . . but in a tweedy, trendy, 2011 kind of way.


I used Knit Picks City Tweed DK yarn in a variety of colors.  I really love this yarn!  It knits up nicely, looks great, comes in a huge variety of appealing colors, and. . . is inexpensive.  (It also doesn't itch -- a definite plus for a hat!)


I love this hat!  And it's the perfect thing to wear . . . on a stroll down Memory Lane!  (My Ravelry link here.)



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Kirsten designs too many things I like. Love the colors of your hat and the tweedy yarn. The hat and your post take me right back...we all lived in the same house with the same colors! yikes


I love your hat! Better than the original, imho. I have a sweater's worth of City Tweed waiting in the green room.

Speaking of 70s decor, this house was built in 1976 and still has the harvest gold fridge and stove and orange/brown/gold shag carpet to prove it. Harvest gold dishwasher, washer, and dryer have been replaced, but we do still have one harvest gold and one avocado bathroom. It's a time capsule, I tell ya!



I still have my childhood ripple afghan. o.O


Nice job! Love your colors. Had to laugh! I think every household in American had one or more of those afghans whether there was a knitter/crocheter in the vicinity or not! :)


OMG Band of Gold! Aged 14 I danced myself silly at the local youth club with my friends. The club majored in Pink Floyd, Free and Uriah Heap and we 'head banged' along with the best of them but earlier in the evening we just loved Freda Payne and Harlem Shuffle and the Bycycle Song!


I like the hat -- reminds me of the colors I put in Sam's afghan -- I used Felted Tweed. The house we live in looks WAY too much like the one in the wall-to-wall carpeting photo. It was built in the early 50's, and when we bought it, was full of wall-to-wall carpeting. Imagine our delight when we realized there were oak floors under that carpet! And yes, we had a ripple afghan in shades of turquoise. . .


Very pretty hat. It is kinda retro, isn't it!

I would love to find my old pattern for that ripple afghan again...


Most beautiful! I think I will have to knit this hat soon, thank you very much :)


Love the hat! Great color mix.

My parents built their house in 1975, and every house I babysat at in our new subdivision had an avocado green/harvest gold/dark wood kitchen. My mom's kitchen was red, white and pink. Maybe that's why I don't worry too much about using the "in" colors of the moment!

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