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A Requirement for the Woolen Garments

Tom's work extends well beyond the US borders. . . and he spends a significant amount of his time interacting with co-workers in Mumbai.  From time to time, travel is involved.  Either he makes his way to Mumbai. . . or  his co-workers make their way to the US.

Earlier this fall, Tom was making arrangements for a Mumbai visitor to spend several weeks in Kalamazoo.  Although I can't quite remember the timing of this particular trip, I do recall that it was beginning to get cool; not cold by northern standards . . . but cool.  One day, Tom received an email from the soon-to-be traveling Mumbai co-worker asking if there would be a "Requirement for the Woolen Garments" while he was visiting.

Well.  No.  There wasn't a Requirement for the Woolen Garments THEN. . . but there sure is NOW!

Working on my computer near a slider door?  Requirement for the Woolen Garments!


Going outside for any length of time?  Requirement for the Woolen Garments!


Even dogs have a Requirement for the Woolen Garments* (although this photo was taken early last month -- before there was much snow on the ground).


And. . . even Puck. . . yes, birds, too. . . have a Requirement for the Woolen Garments.


Puck is a tropical bird, and he gets cold very easily.  He likes to sleep up in this corner of his cage . . . so I built a wall-of-wool by tucking in an old, wool scarf (it's the scarf I learned to make cables with so long ago).  It keeps him toasty warm and provides a bit of a barricade against drafts and chill.  He snuggles right up against the Woolen Garment.  (I know.  It sounds like we've bonded.  And, well, maybe we have.)

Anyway . . . if it's as cold where you are . . . as it is where I am. . . get out those Woolen Garments.  It's a Requirement!


*  I did not knit Jenny's sweater.  I looked around for a pattern for a BIG dog sweater, and didn't really find much to choose from, and none that suited Jenny.  When I found this one in a catalog, I ordered it. . . with the intention of copying it to knit my own BIG dog sweater for Jenny.  So far, that hasn't happened.  But it might.  Someday.



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Requirements for Woolen Garments is a lot more fun when you're a knitter. At least we have nice, warm, hand knit woolen items when needed!


I like that -- Requirement for the Woolen Garments. New catch phrase? It was 0 degr F this morning at 6:30. Tomorrow and Wednesday...well, the weekly snowstorm! I love the sweater you're wearing, and my hair is longer than yours! :-)


Today when I went to the grocery store and opened my coat...inside my jacket was a scarf and I had put one on the outside of the coat too!! Must have something to do with the 6 degree temperature I woke up to this morning!!


I am in complete understanding of such a requirement! Love it.


Nicely put and I love the inclusion of everyone in the house in your demonstration of it :)

Melissa G

Having recently finished my first dog sweater (not mine, my puppy's obedience instructor's dog), I have a pattern to recommend: Evelyn Clark wrote one for Fiber Trends. I hate to admit I did an exhaustive search for a girly boxer sweater for this pup who hangs out in the ski area parking lot (Requirement for the Woolen Garments) and it absorbed/survived my many mods successfully.


I love the wall-o'-wool for the bird cage! And your purple sweater with the cable on the sleeve, too.

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