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You Just Never Know

Soundtrack. . .


By now, you all know that when I knit. . . I hear music.  Songs, specifically.  Songs that come from somewhere in the depths of my mind.  Songs from the Soundtrack of My Life.  Sometimes the song I hear is inspired by the pattern; sometimes by the yarn; sometimes by the person I'm knitting for.  This fall, as I set out to knit a shawl for my sister for Christmas, I waited to hear a song.


I chose the pattern and yarn for the shawl with intention.  I wanted it to be, well, a bit symbolic.  The pink yarn represents my sister (who always, Always, ALWAYS wanted the pink as a little girl), and the brown yarn represents me (who willingly gave up the pink as a little girl).  The solid portions of the shawl represent our very separate lives -- she has hers; I have mine. . . but the stripes show how we come together, giving each other comfort and warmth. 

And then. . . I waited to hear what it would sing.

I just naturally assumed I'd hear the Beatles.  Because my sister loves the Beatles.  I listened for Hey Jude.  I listened for Yesterday.  I listened for Eleanor Rigby.  I listened for Long and Winding Road.  But I didn't hear anything from the Fab Four.


Instead. . . I heard Rob Thomas.  And Santana.  Smooth.

Funny song for a SISTERly project?  Hot.  Steamy.  Sexy.  Definitely not a SISTER song.  But, then. . . it was Rob Thomas, after all.  And my sister loves Rob Thomas.  (Not as much as the Beatles, but still!) And then, I caught the lyrics -- out of context, I'll admit -- but then I knew. . .

And if you say, "This life ain't good enough". . . . I would give my world to lift you up. . . I could change my life to better suit your mood. . .


Definitely a Sister Song!  You just never know what a project will sing.  This one . . . was just SMOOTH!