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This week, Ten on Tuesday . . . has us making a list and checking it twice!  This week's topic. . . Ten Last-Minute Gift Ideas.  For me, "last minute" means just that . . . LAST MINUTE!  Like. . . at that point, I need to stop ON MY WAY to the party/gathering/event and be able to pick up a suitable gift at a run-in/run-out store. . . and then be able to deal with any wrapping/cards/ribbon IN THE CAR.

Does this ever happen to me?  Duh.

So, here we go.  Ten (TRULY) Last-Minute Gift Ideas:


  1. A bottle of wine (topped with a ribbon cascade or . . . knitwear!)
  2. A couple of six-packs of fine, craft beer (topped in a similar manner)
  3. A bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme (again, topped)
  4. A poinsettia plant
  5. Or a Christmas cactus
  6. Or some other lovely blooming plant
  7. A festive box of candies
  8. A festive box of nuts
  9. A festive box of candies mixed with nuts
  10. An appropriate gift card

There you have it!  Just remember to bring along a gift tag, curling ribbon, and tape . . . and you can cover any last-minute gift situation right in your car!

Happy gifting!