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Thankful Thursdays: We Are Each Other's Angels

This November, I'm counting my blessings . . . by thinking about connections -- and how vital they are to my life.  Today, I'm thankful to my "connections" -- my personal network of friends.

When I was just starting out in my work life, everyone was telling me I needed to "network."  (That, and "dress for success" were the buzz-words of the work world in the early 80s!)  I truly didn't "get" the "networking" thing.  It seemed so trite.  And forced.  And fake.  Besides, all the people I met were at the same stage of their career as I was.  How was that supposed to be beneficial from a career standpoint?  I just blew off the whole "networking" thing.  I'd rather have friends. . . than a network!

As I grew older and wiser, though, I learned an important thing.  My friends WERE my network!  As I moved out in greater and greater circles in the world, I made more and more friends. . . who did more and more things. . . and connected me to more and more new friends.  And, all of a sudden, I HAD a network!


It wasn't trite.  Or forced.  Or fake.  It was a real network -- of friends.  What I didn't know when I was 24,  (well, one of many things I didn't know at 24. . .) is that your "network" can't be built overnight, and it can't be forced. . . if it's going to connect you to friends.  It takes time.  Lots of time.  And it's really pretty easy.  You just . . . connect . . . with people.

And what I really didn't understand. . . is that my "network" . . . developed without my trying at all.  I found that . . . we are each other's angels. . . and we meet when it is time.

So now, several decades later, I have a network of friends.  My network can connect me to . . . travel tips, the best recipes, new restaurants, knitting patterns, great books, hugs during a rough patch, advice when moving to a new community, the best teachers in a new grade level, mentors, internship options, medical information, and even new jobs. But mostly, my network of friends gets me through!

I am thankful for my network of friends . . . keeping me connected to people, situations, and the world!  We are each other's angels. . . and we meet when it is time. . . we keep each other going. . . and we show each other signs. . .


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Oh you said it Kym! Where would we be without our angels!


We'd be lost without our friends and networks. Thank you, Kym for saying it so perfectly.


Well said!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay



Yep, love my network! Sorry I've been so remiss about commenting - life here has been BUSY - but glad you're still good and I have been reading :-)


Well said! Friends and angels are our support system. Where would we be without them?


yay for friends!

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