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Shop 'til You Drop


This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is . . . your Ten Favorite Places for Online Shopping.  I am well-qualified to take on this topic.  VERY well-qualified.  I really don't like shopping "live" -- especially in crowded stores and under pressure.  (I do, though, enjoy leisurely checking out cool, litle shops -- and I never pass up an opportunity to shop the Mag Mile in downtown Chicago!)  I end up doing a lot of my shopping online.


Where do I go?  Here are my Ten Favorite Places to Shop Online:

  1. Amazon (my first online shopping experiences were at Amazon, and I remain a fan)
  2. Zappos (who can pass up free next-day delivery. . . and the selection! wow!)
  3. J Jill (although we have a local store. . . they don't carry the full compliment of J Jill options)
  4. WEBS (can you say "discountable"?)
  5. Gardener Supply Company (dig it!)
  6. LL Bean (trusted and comfortable)
  7. Penzey's Spices (heavenly. . .)
  8. Zingerman's (mouth-watering treats!)
  9. King Arthur Flour (their selection of vanillas, alone, is enough to keep me coming back!)
  10. Muttropolis (Jenny's favorite dog boutique!)

Where do YOU like to shop online?


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Diana Troldahl

Okay, my source of good Mexican vanilla dried up, I need to visit King Arthur Flour (I also love their flour).

I shop online at Northern Sun(great bumper snickers and buttons), Knit Picks (of course), A.B.E. books for those hard to find out of print items, Amazon, Etsy, Bob's Red Mill, and Lehman's (real bayberry candles).


Yesterday I bought from amazon and zappos! Plus, we received a Penzey's order last week! On-line shopping makes life so much easier. Live simply!


Wonderful well rounded list!


Oh that Zingermans looks delicious!


I'm at work right now but I'm coming back to check out your list better later.

I buy yarn from The Loopy Ewe. I don't do a bunch of online would be a good way to avoid the crowds and the driving. Our weather turned to ugly winter. Ground blizzard today...

Seanna Lea

I just got my first King Arthur Flour catalog, which I'm so happy to see, but I definitely need to check out Muttropolis. Victor goes through chew toys and anything else that isn't nailed down like it is water!


If you like Fleece Artist or Handmaiden yarns, Colorsong Yarns is great. Free shipping, no minimum! And the owners are very friendly.

My husband likes to make paellas, so I do a lot of shopping at Hot Paella. Real Spanish chorizo and paprikas, etc.

Do you have a favorite online button retailer? I have so much trouble finding cool buttons.


Love King Arthurs - although I usually run up close enough for me to visit in person...

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