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Friday Round Up: Turkey-and-Cranberry Edition

Time for a little Friday Round Up! 

I don't know about you, but it's starting to look like Thanksgiving is coming around my house!

Thanksgiving 011

I'm gearing up to prepare all my favorite Thanksgiving foods.  Tom has ordered the turkey.  Erin (with  boyfriend in tow) makes her way home tomorrow; Brian not until later in the week.  I love Thanksgiving!  Food, family, friends. . . and not so much of the pressure and expectation that comes with Christmas.


Have you seen this little video clip yet?  So clever!  I know it's been making the blog-rounds, but I'm going to stick it in here today anyway. . . just in case you've missed it!



I've been knitting.  Quite a lot, actually.  But.  As you can see. . . no photos.  No details.  I have completed ChicKnits' Mondo Cable Vest, and I really love it.  Problem is. . . it's so dark so early now, that I haven't been able to have Tom help me with a photo-shoot.  Maybe this weekend.

I've also been doing some gift knitting, and can't share here on the blog quite yet.  If you're on Ravelry, you can check out one of my recent gift knits here.  (The recipient is not a Raveler.)


I read yesterday that Norma is teaching Mr. Jefferies to "pee and poop on command."  I'm here to tell Norma. . . It Can Be Done!  Jenny pees on command!  I taught her when she was a puppy, and it's the best "trick" she knows!  It is really great - when you're in a hurry and you need your pup to Go. NOW.  And Jenny does!  (She doesn't poop on demand, though.)



Have a great weekend!


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We have a nontraditional Thanksgiving, usually lamb, and only my sister as guest. We have a load of fun grilling food and drinking wine. Enjoy your lovely day with family!


What a cute video! Thanks Kym. Have a great weekend. Next week will fly by!


I have to do the shopping on Monday - we always host since we have the biggest table!

Diana Troldahl

Oohh great job on that Ravelry item!
I have had that in queue for a long time.
But I have so much ahead of it!!!


Jenny is a very smart puppy! I've never had a house dog so I didn't realize you could teach them such things.

Have a fun weekend with everyone home!


Don't feel bad, Jenny. I cannot poop on command, either.

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